Lesson 179 Laurie’s Reflections

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Lesson 179: Review: “God is but Love, and therefore so am I.” “There is one life, and that I share with God.” “Your grace is given me.  I claim it now.”

We are so fortunate that we just have to think of one thing to remember.  Life is very commonly complicated, our egos get lots of practice making things difficult to understand, including everything with multiple layers.  Nothing seems simple and straightforward.  We seem to be constantly encumbered with degrees of difficulty.  We in the world scarcely know how to begin to solve anything because it all appears to be way over the top.

We are constantly bombarded with the discharge of loaded weapons- if not literally at least figuratively.  We often just stop and marvel at the insanity we see.  We tend to believe that there is no God because the ego seems to speak more loudly.  We often entirely miss God because we are stuck in the clamoring forces raging within that then perpetuate the inner war.  We tend to get totally sidetracked because our ego seems to be such a force of evil.  We start to buy into the reality of our ego’s existence because it seems easier to believe.

Jesus is teaching us here that there is only one life.  We don’t have to try to keep the ego in business in the world.  We want to just end our addiction to being in the drama of the ego’s world.  We are simply asked to see that we have one life.  We can remind ourselves when our egos seem to have such a power of persuasion.  The ego likes to convince us that the ego’s way is the single life available for us.

God is rather the only way to live in true peace.  The only way to live in peace is to live in the experience of love and forgiveness.  Then we will find that we are happy all the time because we are at peace with God’s plan.  However, we just have to know that the ego’s world is in actuality unreal.  It has no power since it is without energy and existence.  Therefore, we don’t even have to worry that we will choose to live in the wrong world, or we will make the wrong choice.
This is why the Course teaches us to see that the world doesn’t exist in the first place.  With this fact in mind, we can understand there is no place for us to get lost when we are looking for God.  Everything is the experience of God when we are willing to do our part of remembering this truth.  Then we will understand that the world is just another opportunity for us to express God’s Love.  The world is a place to live always in God-mind.  This is why we can fully invest ourselves in God’ s energy and world because it is the only one.

We can be grateful that there is no mistaking this.


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