Lesson 322 Laurie’s Reflections

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Lesson 322: “What is Creation?”  “I can give up but what was never real.”

Our egos like the world.  The ego loves physicality.  The ego thrives on serving the body.  The ego loves perpetuating our fear of physical death- our push to try to stay in control of our health so we don’t find our bodies meeting an early death.  The nature of our physical life seems so real.  The ego goes hand in hand with the body.  The ego supports the body and shows it mercy- as far as the ego can go in making something like mercy- that it actually doesn’t really understand.  The ego maintains the habit of all the activities in which we partake to keep the body perpetuated.

The ego goes to the greatest of lengths to keep this illusion alive and kicking that we are part of this Universe that has unchanging mass.  We try to get the best there because we believe we can go home with the best prize.  We have an enormous illusion about maintaining our belief that this is all true.  This is just a mistaken thought but our egos are insanely invested in giving it a sense of reality.
The Course teaches that the world of our illusory bodies as well as our lives in the world are in fact faulty conclusions.  The Course says none of it is real.  This means- on the one hand since it ceases to exist we need to be open to gaining a new perspective about what is the meaning of our physical experience.  We need to allow space in our minds for the possibility that we have this certain conclusion in the world as an inaccurate one.  We need to simply stand back from this belief.  Don’t fret about it if we currently buy into it.  There is never a need for stressing about our illusions.  However, what is always necessary is we allow for the possibility we got wrong information about it.  We need to know it’s ok we are wrong about this.  Let it go with no lingering baggage as an attachment to it.

The Course teaches us too that we need to surrender our wrong thinking about this.  We can give up false illusions such as these.  They simply prevent us from giving our blocks to God- which is the most important agenda we can ever have.  Also while we are in the surrendering of our mistaken perceptions Jesus reminds us that this is all unreal.  Nothing that can seemingly hurt us in mind has any true reality.  The Course says that is why we are invulnerable.  Since these perceptions never had reality in the first place, then as we give them back to God and release our blocks, we discover that there is NO residue left in our minds where we might have concluded ego thoughts would still be sustained there.

Since this is unreal,  then it truly has no affect on us.  When we allow things like the world and our bodies be unreal then nothing that happens in them or to them can hurt us as they have no validity.  This is the way to keep our minds clear of the backlog of emotions.  When we understand that nothing is real except for God and God’s Love then all the other challenges and interactions we encounter in the world leave no mark whatsoever in our minds.  This is the reason we want to see all the things that are not real as impossible of hurting us.  This is the way to stay completely at peace because when we know that nothing can injure us then it is easy to stay above the battleground because we are not actively recovering from the world’s seeming wars- as they can have zero impact on us.


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