Laurie’s Reflections

Lesson 81: Review: “I am the light of the world.” “Forgiveness is my function as the light of the world.”

We are getting used to what it feels like to be light.  Light is always the way to shift the density of the world’s field of misery.  When we allow light to be the instrument with which we face the world’s woes our experience becomes totally new.

We are always facing more drama and difficulty in the form of our mental attitude almost exclusively. 

Our mind is where the problem is. 

The world may seem dense and feel dense in the behaviors we encounter there, but the only thing we need to add to the world to give it healing is the light- of God.  The world is always a showboat of insecurity and doubt.  The world seems to brand us with its insane darkness and we falter for a moment for stability and some resolution.

The problem is that the world has always has the same answers as the problems there.  When we have the exact same solution that we found in the problem, the problem will never be eased or ameliorated in any way because the energy just perpetuates itself.  We can’t make a new reality with new solutions when we are using the same old tricks and tools that we used previously.  The Course reminds us that we need to be willing to let go of that old habit of trying to fix things with the ego that were hatched from the ego.  This never works.  This is not a way to fix the problem.  This is a way just to maintain the status quo.  This is why the Course reminds us over and over that our old tools don’t work toward what we want which is the vision of God in our minds.  We have to get our minds to hear God’s solution and allow this to be adequately applied.  This is the only way to get out of the hell of the ego’s fashion.

We need to be willing to allow our hearts to be redone.  What happens is that sometimes we get so resistant to the light that we can’t accept this.  We can’t accept that we are light and nothing other than light.  The problem is in our minds.  When we are not able to access our willingness then we can’t progress or further our integrating this amazing realization that we are only light.  This is a beautiful and extraordinary point when we get to a place of accepting it.  However, no matter how amazing is this reality, we may push it away because it feels too beautiful to believe about ourselves.  Sometimes we can’t reach our willingness.

This willingness allows us to participate with an easy mind in choosing our worldly focus and therefore our behavior.  Our willingness means our openness to growing and changing.  This is part of the picture when we want to further ourselves in the process of accepting we are light.  We need to realize that we don’t have all the connection with our willingness sometimes.

We can forgive this and show up again at the feet of God. 

We ask God for His demonstrating to us how to peacefully allow our minds to stay vigilant in the task of being willing to evolve.   

We have to take time to give ourselves space to connect to our willingness.  This can require some effort on our parts’;  just understand that we have this extraordinary willingness and with it we can move mountains when we feel inspired.  Our willingness allows us to proceed in furthering the evolving of our minds.  We are all blessed with the opportunity to get our willingness to a place of optimal functioning -in ways that help us take further steps in aligning our minds with God.  Our willingness is always the way we get to invite our minds to get into the flow of God’s energy.  This means we are always graced with the capacity to get bigger in that we do everything with God.  That also is the basis for our equanimity and peaceful heart.


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