Lesson 331 Laurie’s Reflections

Friday, November 27, 2015

Lesson 331: “What is the ego?” “There is no conflict, for my will is Yours.”

When we end our conflict this is where the peace of God lies.  It is that conflict within that energetically ends up raging a war within us.  If we are living out our own inner war, how can we expect to hope to find peace in the world?  This simply is nonsensical.  We reflect back to the world what we feel within.  This then makes perfect sense why there is an onslaught of attack energy and behavior in what we see externally.  It all begins in me specifically.

The Course says we as people are all actually only one in energy.  Bodies are unreal so they have no effect in some way on separating us.  This is all the illusion.  We are simply one being, with one mind and one soul.  This is why we all affect each other in truth.  In the world, we are actually one single being.  This is why we all affect each other.  This is why we are not just blabbing out the Course doctrine when we say we are the only person out there.  Energetically this makes perfect sense and therefore this is a factual truth.  This is why we can stop pretending otherwise.
We have to remember to understand that I can change everything that happens in the world simply by changing my thoughts.  We are all united this way.  I must pay special attention to the own attack thoughts in my own mind because this is actually that which includes all others as well.  This is why we have to stay tuned into our own mind’s intention.
What we need to do is let go of the attack thoughts that leave us believing we are wounded.  This drama escalated is where our suffering originates.  This is why we must notice when we are nonchalantly spewing out the wrath of our ego’s burning fire.  We need to notice when we do this unconsciously.  This is when we believe the conflict is not affecting us.  When we accept that conflict is inevitable then we give it free rein in our minds.  What we are encouraged to do instead is stay present and engaged in watching our wounded minds when they seem like the norm.  Remember this is a mistaken perception and can change instantly when we refocus our willingness to change our minds.

When we stop battling against God, then peace is our sure destiny.   What happens when we aren’t accepting of God’s lead and thus Will, we end up striking up a raging battle.  When we resist within that we are willing to follow God, this is necessarily the conflict.  That resistance means everything.  We can give it to God and pray for help with its removal if we get stuck in how to forgive it and release it.  Just understand that this inner insisting on rejecting God’s will is only temporary because in the end it is our will too.  It’s not like God is asking us to do something that is ill suited åçfor us.  What we need to do is understand when this happens and don’t let it slide right past and not make this resistance known to us.  Stand up and give it to God without a second thought.


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