Lesson 330 Laurie’s Reflections

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Lesson 330: “What is Creation?”  “I will not hurt myself again today.”
The Course is teaching us how to get acquainted with our self-awareness.  Jesus tells us to get comfortable from watching, witnessing and engaging in our getting to know ourselves.  This is the true gift we give the world which is simply knowing the truth of ourselves.  The first thing we want to learn and experience deeply is that we are the only ones who affect us.  Our ego and worldly experience speaks entirely differently.  The ego just wants to shut us down, to be able to maintain those inner blocks to Love we find within us when we notice.

The ego says this is all simply not true and therefore, we can ignore it and carry on perpetuating that insanity that we play out in the world’s arena.  Jesus teaches us here that we can make a difference in how we feel and what is the quality of our lives if we simply acknowledge that we do have the power to create our worlds and the power to create our experience of the world.

We need to appreciate that this is our way to be empowered.  We can have forgiveness and acceptance and peace if we so want it.  What we need to do is be willing to play our parts.  Jesus says that we are the only ones who hurt ourselves.  The world in fact is not real and therefore has no power to impact us in any way.  This is why we need to stop looking to the world as the means to interpret what we see.  It has no validity.

It is false because it has no meaning.  Therefore we have to look to ourselves to set in motion God’s will which is also our will to replace our insane thinking habits.  We undoubtedly are our worst nightmare when we continue to lapse in our consistent willingness to remain above the battlefield.  This, Jesus says is the only bad thing that can happen because it is all a mistaken perception when we forget God.

The only sad thing is that we do suffer when we let our minds lapse and we find ourselves unable to connect with our lovability.  We get down in the dumps because we can’t locate our sanity.  This is ever the only tragedy that could ever happen to us in this life.  However, it sure is true that we get to a place we believe our minds have been injured because we have forgotten that we are invulnerable to suffering while sitting in the certainty that all is well.  This then is the unfortunate way we start to find our disheartened minds.  When we forget that God loves us then we actually hurt ourselves because we can’t connect to our lightness.

What we need to do is stay vigilant about our choosing our sanity.  And definitely sanity including a light heart.  This is the way to get out of our hell and end our suffering.  Jesus gives us in the Course every last tool to do this and the guidance to teach us how.  And it works if we work it.  However, we have to stay committed in our minds because this is the only way to give those tools a way to build God’s treasured fortress.
We are reminded today to sit in the utmost appreciation of everything in our Thanksgiving.  This is the way to consistently be happy when we sit exuding gratitude.  The gratitude is contagious and everyone is gladdened and affected by it.  The gratitude is the way to permanently leave the ego’s imprisoned chains of limit.  When we remember thanks all of our heart’s woes fall away because the experience of that gratitude is so powerful.  The energy just clears out any false perception of limitation.


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