Lesson 329 Laurie’s Reflections

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Lesson 329: “What is Creation?”  “I have already chosen what You will.”

The Course teaches us that what we have asked for from God has already occurred.  The Course says that it is our Will to remember that we are reunited with God and never left in the first place.  Such a notion is just a tiny mad idea that we mistakenly perceived.  We have the reassurance that there is no way we can end up not with God in the end.  There is no way that we can somehow cross paths and miss each other.  God absolutely wouldn’t have that.  God knows that it is in our best interests to be united with Him.

God loves us so much that He takes care of this reunion so it can never fail to transpire.  We have the amazing fortune that God is looking out for us with no doubt to carry out what is our true destiny and real and only joy ultimately.  God so loves us that He is watching our backs always, He never misses a beat.  He is forever available to meet us when we need a support and also for getting us to the final conclusion of translating our will on the earth to be joined with God- to be ever so blessed.  God is always making sure we get this perfect life and we get all the blessing of the feeling of union and perfect Love which God endlessly bestows on us.

This is why we are so lucky.  God gives us the only thing that will save us and also make us happy.  This is the reunion with God.  This turns out to be the only thing that could possibly make us happy in the long run.  God is going to give us the happy dream of forgiveness and peace because God knows we long for nothing else in the end.

We learn in the Course that we have the same Will as God to be in union with God always.  This means that since God’s only wish is to connect with us truly then it necessarily makes sense  that this is also our inner goal.  When we let go of crazy ego goals, we can stop in quiet and peace and connect with that inner truth within.  When we listen to that inner voice that the Course calls the Holy Spirit then we end up understanding at some point what is actually our hope and dream for the present and ideally in what we think of as the future.  The way we do this is through our oneness with God, when we let go of our resistance to being united with Him in the purpose of our joy.

We just have to realize that we do have the same goal as God when we get honest with what we perceive within.  This is a big deal when we realize that God is not just asking for some far off goal that we either cannot accomplish or some goal that we don’t really want.  God says that this is never the case.  We are simply asked to take in how it feels to know we want God for the same reason God wants us.  It’s a big party when we all join energetically and spiritually.  This is the way to our heaven on earth.

We need to not put up the walls of resistance.  This is always the way we lose our way.  Therefore, God says just sit in the knowing that God gives us our dreams come true when we agree to join with Him- as this is the seat of our true happy place.  The amazing thing is that we are never opposed to God’s will in any way when we are in our right minds.  Sometimes we need to get out of our own way in the remembering this, but it is understandable when we see it for what it is.


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