Lesson 175 Laurie’s Reflections

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Lesson 175: Review: “God is but Love, and therefore so am I.” “I give the miracles I have received.” “I am at home.  Fear is the stranger here.”

It’s ever so important to honor the cycles within which we live.  Everything needs to be in balance.  It is essential that we take time to move and also equally important to be still.  When we honor each of these, then we can be present within the practicing of both.  This is the ideal to live in life.  Lots of people do all kinds of different activities throughout their days and this may change over time.  But regardless of how many different activities people do, there is always the importance of returning to the cycles of moving and being still.  This is the same as giving and receiving.  This is the energetic cycle we engage in all the time.  This is one of the most stable and constant parts of living, like moving and being still.

Ideally we want to remember that giving and receiving is a cycle and both parts are equally important.  We want to remember that each part of the giving and receiving cycle allows us to expand who we are.  Further, it lets us participate in the activity of the Universe.  We can play our unique role, bringing the essence of our individual light, as well as seeing the extraordinary reflection of our lights manifested into the world.  Contributing our own energy and time and love and inspiration gives the world such an incredible elevation.  This is why we want to make time for this amazing experience of giving and receiving.  When we give and receive our energy is always coming in and going out. It is all part of this amazing cycle that is in balance when we take time to think about how to keep it them in check within themselves and also in balance with each other.

Fear can be a stranger in our reality.  Sometimes fear seems to be at the root of everything.  Then we can start to believe that fear is what is real and fear is the only experience we can have.  Just remember that God is only Love.  Fear does not exist in God at all because God is perfect Love.  All love casts out fear because they can’t coexist.  The Course teaches us that no matter how strongly the fear seems real, it can simply cease to exist when we simply allow our minds to be filled fully with God’s Love.  Then fear is extinguished completely.  Just know however deeply we believe fear is real, remember that in God’s Universe, fear is a non-entity.  Fear is simply a mistake.  All we have to do is notice it and usher it out.  When we are wrong, let’s not spend a moment in guilt or shame, just end the error and correct our minds.  This then is the way to peace for sure.


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