ACIM Lesson 341

Lesson 341: “What is a Miracle?”  “I can attack but my own sinlessness, and it is only that which keeps me safe.”

The Course gives us the welcome information that God is sitting there with us in hysterics.

God is laughing His head off because the ego thinks that it is possible we could sin. 

The Course reminds us repeatedly that our sinlessness forever comes from God because God willed it. 

That is why it is permanent, because God is perfect and wills only what will remain the way He wants it.

The fact that we are sinless can be a bit startling for lots of us who grew up with the crazy idea of most religions that believe we are sinners.

We have to take it in gradually, but take every chance to integrate this fabulous new, totally liberating information that we are totally sinless. 

This means our relationship with guilt is permanently undone.  We have no reason any longer to feel guilty and therefore, it completely disappears.  

God has given us the foundation for our salvation because in knowing that we are sinless, then suddenly we get the gift of our inner certainty and the reminder that we are lovable. We get that inner peace that we all long for.

The Course reminds us that since God declares us sinless, then all we need to do is accept this for the truth that it is.

And then, all the drama that is left int the ego’s story suddenly becomes clear.

All the emotional roller coaster of the ego is simply our attachment to the illusion. 

We get right into the world and plunge head first into the world and make war because this is what the ego loves told do.

And when we create war, the reality is that this is our own belief in the existence of problems in the world. This is simply not true, but we believe it because the ego tells us.

God is sitting there laughing, and because when God declares us sinless, then it necessarily must be so, and whenever we think it is otherwise, is simply the ego’s insane illusion. 

The fact that God knows we are sinless means that our sinless is guaranteed and that it is the one thing that keeps us safe. 

When we have this inner knowing that we are completely joined with God and that God says we are sinless, we feel so good that energetically we get raised up. 

We have the inner knowing that we are all well, and that the world is all well, and so there is no reason to struggle about  it. 

Then, we are safe because we have this undeniable profound connection with God that gives us all the power we need to take care of ourselves and be safe.


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