Lesson 174 Laurie’s Reflections

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Lesson 174: Review: “God is but Love, and therefore so am I.” “Into His Presence would I enter now.”  “Today I learn to give as I receive.”

I understand God’s Presence to be the flow of life, the flow of energetic abundance.  I think of Presence as how it feels when we are aligned within our own minds and also simultaneously aligned with God’s purpose- extending love.  The Presence is the power of our certainty- God’s certainty.  The Presence of God is when we feel right about everything when we know there was never anything wrong or any misperception of suffering.  To live in God’s Presence is the greatest gift to ourselves and to others.

Everyone gets to live the plenty because we are all equally blessed with the choice to be in God’s Presence.  Furthermore, we are all equally blessed as the Presence of God is infinitely bountiful.  God exudes this energy of perfection to which we are naturally drawn because it is such a perfect experience of Love.  When we carry God’s Presence always we are awesomely blessed because we carry the perfect platform from which to engage in our individual business as well as the collective healing.

We are asked to understand that giving and receiving are our most precious gifts.  We tend especially to have a lot of judgements about what it means to give and/or receive.  We tend to have a lot of guilt and resentment as well as a whole host of emotions.  Our egos can have lots of stories about how and when we should give and receive.  We are asked to look at our relationship with each of them separately and also together.  We have this need in the world to both give and receive and usually every day.  We can’t avoid dealing with them.

This is a great time to simply know ourselves better.  When we have lots of judgements and distress, perhaps about giving and receiving, then we are totally in conflict within.  We so need to make this energetically clear within us.  If we have an out of sync moment with giving and receiving, we will find ourselves definitely out of the realm of our peaceful heart.  For many of us giving and receiving are so loaded.  We have a whole life story about them and our ego tells us the story is worth keeping.  Thus, we often get reluctant about releasing this drama within.

Sometimes we even may have a real seemingly legitimate upset over giving and receiving.  See if we need to forgive and have compassion and then listen to that story within us for a spell.  Sometimes we need to be heard with a gentle hand.  But then when that is complete, turn around and surrender all that story, all the suffering, because you can truly.  This is the only way to peace.  Then when we see the story as unreal we release its hold on us.  Then we can see that giving and receiving are now stored in our minds with a fresh look.  Then we can feel no stress about participating in them because we made some space to let go of our old ideas about them.  Then, peace will be consistent because we are clear and able to engage with others in the giving and receiving process with no struggle inwardly or outwardly.


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