Lesson 173 Laurie’s Reflections

Monday, June 22, 2015

Lesson 173: Review: “God is but Love, and therefore so am I.” “I will step back and let Him lead the way.” “I walk with God in perfect holiness.”

We were thinking about being truly defenseless yesterday and here we have another part of the equation of what makes us feel always certain and not in need of asserting defenses.  God planned it so the Holy Spirit can always be the Voice of reason and always be the Voice of inspiration and then the way we can receive guidance.  The Holy Spirit is the part of God that speaks to us and knows exactly what we need to do in our regular human experience.

This is why we can relax completely and have no fears whatsoever in our day to day existence.  God is always available to tell us and show us just what we need to find our own personal answer.  The Holy Spirit provides us constantly with that nudge forward that we want in our heart of hearts in order to understand how to proceed and take the next step forward.

The reason we can just sit in our certainty-in God’s certainty- and relax is because all our questions are answered unfailingly by the Holy Spirit.  We can know then that all we find in the world- wherever and in whatever we find ourselves- this is the direct consequence of God.  Therefore, we can be totally happy about each specific circumstance in which we find ourselves because it is for the purpose of God.  And when we connect with God’s purpose we also feel our certainty, and thus, have what we need to lay out our plans in perfect order with God.

When we rest and exist in our certainty and we open our minds through and through for the direction of God, we find ourselves endlessly happy.  When we allow God to be our only leader, we cease to be wary on our paths.  We stop existing in the mode of anxiety within and with anxiety leading.  This is why our lives become pictures of peace because we have zero confusion about Who has control.

The idea of control ceases to exist.  When we deal with our egos, often the ego is just primed for the grasping of control.  Sometimes our egos don’t even consider choosing God because the ego is so attached to control we can’t even open up our minds to the releasing of this attachment.  However, when we take responsibility for our minds, we see that the old ego need to control simply disappears.  The memory of clutching and controlling the experience of life simply ceases to be.  We give it to God instead because God takes control out of the equation.  God treats us with a gentle prodding in the right direction.  It is kind and gentle and clear.  But there is no longer any kind of battle or attack in the ego’s perspective.  It all washes away.


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