Lesson 176 Laurie’s Relections

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Lesson 176: Review: “God is but Love, and therefore so am I.” “Give me your blessing, holy Son of God.” “I am as God created me.”

Whomever we may meet along our daily path, we want to treat with the truest Love.  We want to give them respect and authenticity and compassion.  Ideally we can throw in some lightness to that mix.  We are asked to show up and be ever available to meet everyone in this manner.  Doesn’t matter what role the other is playing nor what role we are playing in specific circumstances.  What matters is we give our blessing to everyone in the form of pure unadulterated Love.

We want to know that everyone is special enough to get God’s Love, thus the Love that flows through us.  The ego seems to think that everyone is not equally worthy of the best kind of love.  We have to not pay attention to this incorrect perspective.  Love does not cost us anything so we can give this to everyone.  And we treat each person as though he or she is the most cherished relation ever.  Just remember don’t for a moment do anything but extend love.

Then we can enjoy intending and willing for other people all the best God has to offer.  When we enjoy the fullest Love that we have ever understood, then we can truly give this to all the people with whom we share the planet.  We simply have to remember that everyone is equally the Christ child- as we are.  Everyone is equally chosen as God’s most beloveds. and everyone gets the same abundance of love and certainty.  No moment is unclear about how lucky and fortunate we all are.

What we know is that extending Love to other people occurs automatically when we stay in connection with our flow of energy towards other people.  When we Love others, we instantly share with them the greatest blessing they could receive or we as the givers can receive.  We all gain from giving the blessings.  This is why we are ultimately completely taken care of by God when we give our blessings.  There is never a shortage of blessings when we sit in God consciousness.  This is the beauty of giving and receiving blessings or any other manifestation of God’s Love.  Then everyone gets the benefit of such an interaction.

Jesus teaches us in the Course that we are perfect and whole because we are just as God created us.  Our egos eloquently persuade us that we got it all wrong.  Our capacity for finding fault within us unlimited we often believe.  This is the only error we ever made.  This is why finding our way to salvation and therefore to peace is always a certain dance.  All we have to do is listen to the unrest of the ego and simply firmly gesture to the ego that it was clearly mistaken.

We can have no drama about this whatsoever.  Our insides- as the ego- frets and makes some kind of attack and rebellion against God because it fears the unknown.  What the Course asks us to do is gently take the drama and simply still it, allow it to dissipate.  It has no purpose at all.  What we want to do is live in peace.  Know that as long as we remember who we are, that we are none other than God’s creations, then our path is always sure and light.  Drama disappears in the light.  Drama is so very dense.  We are asked to just keep being willing to get out of that ego cycle of creating the nightmare.


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