ACIM Lesson 315

Lesson 315: “What is the Second Coming?”  “All gifts my brothers give belong to me.”

This election is especially a time when we want to practice the Course.

The Course sounds good in theory but this is a time to stand up with a willing heart and do it because we can have peace of mind amidst this trying time. 

We can show up and figure out how to forgive what we see in the world. 

The world, even if it is a political picture of people we never meet though have some association or whether it is with our circle of friends and family, is all an outpouring of dysfunction.

We all have this incredible pull toward pain.  We think we want to not be in pain but it is so familiar the ego can’t resist pushing us right back into painful situations.

We are asked to just keep choosing again. 

Sometimes when society seems to be moving in a direction we may really interpret as insane and unhelpful, sometimes it is simply our own need to see where we are broken in our communities.

Sometimes we can’t help but to project out the insane picture of the our belief of world’s worst.  Then it becomes bigger sometimes because we need to be able to see it clearly  enough to realize we don’t want it.

This is an essential step if we can get to this place finally where we stop perpetuating the illusion.

We want to see, even if it is a huge cry for help.  Just know we all have this in us.

Even if it seems to be out there, the reality is that all of us share the same insane traits.

This means we can help to heal our forgiveness reluctance. 

We need to trust God has a bigger plan. 

We just have to show up and do the work that is before us.  We show up and sit with what we see.

Even if it seems far fetched that we as a collective community all brought this on ourselves, just know that we may need to get some answer in the process of dealing with it we may not realize yet. 

We may not see how we are part of a plan where we will become much bigger people.

Our task is to stay light even if the reality in our nation or in our larger community is crazy.

Just breathe and see our minds as healed from any addiction to pain. 

And allow God to create everything.

When the world scares us into gasping for air, just drop every thing and pray. 

Let our conversations with God be constant and increase them when we get sad over a loss or sad about the state of the world.

We can feel what we feel, we are not asked be irresponsible in  denying our true feelings.

Simply, when we do, also go into a full out conversation with God when we need the support to forgive the world.


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