1-28-15 Lesson 28 Laurie’s Reflections

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Lesson 28: “Above all else we want to see things differently.”

We have to be willing to notch up the degrees of the introspection and purging we are willing to do.  We have to make this new look into Godly reality our only priority.  This is a huge departure from the ego’s feebleminded attempts at figuring things out.  We often leave undone our evolution emotionally because it can seem unnecessary or inconsequential within coping with the larger picture of how we live.

We start to think we can get away with a partial attempt at resolution of what troubles us because we don’t feel like we are brave enough to look at the issues that make us feel ineffective.  We often get afraid of inquiring into our more serious issues.  We get alarmed and then we turn around and refrain from trying because we get persuaded this can’t work in the long run.

This is why we are asked to bring our willingness to the table.  All we have to do is come forth with our willingness to see.  And if we can’t muster our own willingness, we forgive ourselves and pray to the Holy Spirit for an intervention into the makings of our heart.  We ask for support to maintain vision that is aligned with our Maker.  Sometimes we can feel overwhelmed at the prospects of- how am I going to get something done?

This is resolved by turning to the Holy Spirit for clarity of how to make things function adequately.
This lesson reminds us that we don’t have to have any inkling about how to get to the place of seeing differently.  This is perfectly acceptable always.  The only thing we need is the willingness to make this effort.  When we bring our intention of being open to something far better (God), then we are already well ahead on our path.  All we have to do is face God once; this is our willingness.  Then God will provide us with every step and word about how to proceed from our little foot in the doorway.


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