Lesson 304 Laurie’s Reflections

Saturday, October 31, 2015

Lesson 304: “What is the Second Coming?”  “Let not my world obscure the sight of Christ.”

The Course says that all we need already exists within us.  Our egos are so good at playing the game of false confidence.  Our egos are often portraying some confidence in the world that actually stems from a false sense of certainty.  Our egos want to come to the world with an attitude of safety and certainty so we can approach the world from a place of personal power. We want not an empty and flimsy sense of self where we feel unsure we can do what needs to be done in the world to fashion our own lives.  The ego always brings a story about itself that is very likely false because our egos base their opinions about us on their faulty belief systems. This is then what is manifested by the ego.  This false sense of confidence was made by our egos to be able to face the world with less fear and anxiety.  However, the ego’s whole system of thought is false; it is operating on faulty footing.
The Course teaches us that what we want to feel- God’s certainty- is already within us.

All we have to do is recognize it.  Jesus wants us in no way to suffer.  This is why he makes finding the answers we are looking for completely easy with no hint of struggle.  The Course says we are already equipped with all we need to have a powerful energy and form.  All that we need in the world naturally draws toward us because this is the truth for everyone.  The Course says we don’t have to try to make this wonderful event happen in our days.   It already is present within us.  This is why it matters that we just sit with it and notice it.

When we just sit with it this a very different energy as we are already full with whatever it is we are seeking.  The problem if we start from the place of needing to gain something- even if we are doing this holy gesture of seeking God- the unfortunate reality is that we will not be able to get to it because we think we are lacking something as we are now.  When our energy focuses on filling that lack, automatically our energy will call out for more lack, because like energy is always seeking like energy.  This is why we must, must, must keep practicing our willingness to get to the state of inner knowing that God is already within us.
Then the abundance of God will fill our every cell because it is in the plenty- so it calls the plenty.  Often in this culture we go to schools- and this has some purpose- but the unfortunate thing is that we don’t get a lot of training in energy and how to align our own energy with the Universe’s full cup.  It may be difficult to understand when we look at how we feel when we are in this process- for example- of learning what the Course teaches us here.  But the more we are learning about it and hearing about it from others, and the more we pray about it, the sooner we can enter with more comfort into the conversation with other people and with God about how to live in this energetic abundance.  This most definitely can take time and effort and may baffle us at times.  Have forgiveness for ourselves for having this layer of ignorance and know that now is the perfect time to finally grow this within us.


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