Lesson 303 Laurie’s Reflections

Friday, October 30, 2015

Lesson 303: “What is the Second Coming?” “The holy Christ is born in me today.”

The Course is teaching us how to live with the Beginner’s Mind all the time.  The Course tells us that in fact the past is unreal.  We can in no way be impacted by the past because it has no reality.  We are asked to not judge anything we think comes from the past.  This is the way we can successfully show up to the present and come with wholly empty hands.  That way we are not projecting what we thought happened in the past into the current moment.  Then we have a present that is nothing but a repeat of the past.  The reason we don’t want to do that is because Jesus teaches us in the Course that the reality of God and God’s interpretation of what we see is so much better than we can imagine.

Our job is not to limit what wonderful things can happen in the present because all we have is the past if we think it has reality.  This is definitely not  something we want to repeat because undoubtedly it is way inferior to what the present could be.  This is why we must do our job of staying open in the present moment to what God determines we should do or bring to the present in our hearts so we are assured of peace of mind and tranquility and light joy.

We are invited to not decide how to approach where we are in the moment.  We come with empty hands and empty hearts to see what is happening in the moment.  We meet the moment with God and the Holy Spirit explaining what we need to understand to function optimally.  This is the way to enjoy the present.  When we are determined to not interpret what we see with only the ego’s vantage, then we can instead be light in our hearts as we can come with God’s mind to help us understand what needs to happen at every moment.
The Course says that when we don’t decide with the ego how we see the world, then we actually can come with an attitude that is open and free.  We don’t feel stuck in the business of repeating the past.  Jesus reminds us in this lesson that we can have the experience of birthing ourselves each brand new day.  We can appreciate and live with the intention and action of allowing our God mind to actually endure birth within us.  We must understand that this birth is sacred and holy because it is our ability to integrate within us the Christ mind that is God solely.  However, this is something for sure that is extraordinary.  We can in no way measure how spectacular is this experience of birthing within ourselves the Christ.  However what is also amazing is that we can and are asked to do this every single day.  We are asked to do this every moment of every day.  As exceptional as is this experience, it is also practically something we can do for all of our time.

The experience of birthing is profound.  Of course in this world, women are the primary birthers of children currently.  But all people can experience the birthing process through other areas of life.  All people can appreciate the importance of coming from a heart of serenity because the birthing process is often intense and sometimes difficult.  But we learn from life that being able to bring a life into the world is beyond what most people could even describe because it is so special.  People learn from life experience that this connection with the birth process means much to all of us, not just women and girls.  This is the way we allow each moment to be new.  We can all live fully in the heart of day to day creation when we are wiling to let everything be an experience of brand new birth.


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