ACIM Lesson 34

Lesson 34: “I could see peace instead of this.”

The Course says, the most important way to initiate how we think of things is with opening to the possibility that things can be different.

This first shift in our thinking and our energy is absolutely necessary to get to the next essential step of peace.  We must allow it to be fine that we are open and willing to usher in a different reality.

We allow our minds to be open to the process.

Then, when our minds are adequately prepared in the springing forth of new potential realities, then all we need to do is choose. 

Our choosing God and that elevated reality is exactly what will bring us peace every time.

Our choosing God is the best and only way to give our minds a gentle nudge toward what we actually and truly want. 

When we choose God, then everything else in the world will fall in line with our choice and thinking. 

We allow the world to be the out picturing of our minds when we are thinking correctly and aligned with God.  

The Course says that our choosing God always gives us the result of peace.

We just need to be sure we are willing to do it. 

We want to not do it because we feel pressured by anything.

We want to do it because it is our gift to ourselves. 

Remembering how fortunate we are to get to have God’s reality as our primary existence is the best reality we can in fact have.

Thus, we can get totally in a groove of excitement when we get to choose God. 

We get the best situation possible.  This is why we can stand up and rejoice about getting to God.  Sometimes we feel heavy and dense when we allow the ego to have rein.

The Course reminds us that we want to make conscious effort to let all that dark, dense energy slip away from our minds and allow instead the gentle and light, high and happy experience be ours in our choosing God.

Reminding ourselves how glad we are to choose God is the happiest way to live.  We can sit and love this and appreciate it fully because we can. .

Sometimes when we are in the world’s dark reality, choosing peace can feel like the very last thing we can do or want to do because it seems totally insane to propose peace. 

When we struggle very much about the notion of seeing peace instead of war within, we are reminded that we can forgive the situation first. 

Then we will be sure to find peace in that process.

However, sometimes we need to delicately approach the possibility of peace with a gentle suggestion of forgiveness first.  We often can’t just bring peace when we are suffering over what we see.

That’s why the little step of bringing forgiveness for the situation and all the people in the situation and for ourselves is the best way to begin.

When we forgive, this is the best route too get to love and peace when we feel baffled and infinitely resistant to bringing peace. 

We forgive and forgive and forgive, and in time, we will get more practiced at a quicker transition into peace from what we see as strife.


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