ACIM Lesson 33

Lesson 33: “There is another way of looking at the world.” 

The Course teaches how to be open to possibility. 

When the ego rules our thinking the ego has a very flat energy.

The ego loses connection to God’s flow because the ego sees only limitation. 

The Course is giving us the instructions all the time to simply be available to the possibility of something other than what we currently have in the ego’s view.  The problem when the ego reins is that we lose our memory that there are other options.  We accept the ego’s status quo because it is normal for us.

The ego is our typical mode of operation. 

We lose sight of anything else as a possibility.  

The Course reminds us that we have other options. 

It can feel like an impossibility.  The Course encourages us to delicately look at what we have and gently but resolutely decide that we don’t want the ego’s rule.

Just this simple act of seeing things as they truly are with the ego in charge is the first step to achieving peace.  

We need to take this step because our minds are currently filled with ego thoughts and ideas and when our mind is totally full, there is no room for anything else or anything other to occupy our minds.

The way to peace is to realize we want God instead of the ego. 

However, we need to take the initial step of simply being open to the possibility that we can have another Entity in charge except for the ego.

The problem is when we think we are right in the ego mentality.  We think there is only the ego’s way and no other.  This leads us to simply staying on course with the ego and accepting its philosophy hook, line, and sinker.

The Course invites us to just be willing to question within about whether we want what we have. 

This simple question within allows us to become prepared for another option we would rather have, namely God. 

We just need to get into the thinking that we are willing to open our minds to possibilities.

This shifts our energy.


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