ACIM Lesson 32

Lesson 32: “I have invented the world I see.”

The Course reminds us not to be so serious. 

We must learn to live lightly in our energy and words and behavior.  This lesson says that we have invented the world I see…  That reminds us of that link to our childhood that we all have within us because we were all children at some time.

We carry that memory in the essence of our Being. 

All we have to do is access that part of us that still plays like a child.

When we embrace that childlike part of us, then inventing the world seems like a fun game.   

We realize that the world is in no way scary or full of distressing pressures.

Rather, the world is easy and light because it is nothing more than our own fairy tale.  We make it as we see it.  Our remembering that the world is what we make it allows us to not take the world seriously.

We want to simply show up and not stress about the world’s pictures because they are just part of our dreaming. 

We can change them at will and therefore, we have nothing to be afraid of.

Sometimes, when we see the nightmare of the ego’s making we end up being so frightened of it because it seems so dreary and dark. 

Then we get petrified and forget that we have power within it when we simply remember it is our own creation, our own invention. 

Then it stops seeming more powerful than we are and we stop being afraid of being vocal and assertive about instituting changes in the world to create it as we want it.  

This releases us from our fear- it is what feeds our will to be able to embrace that inner power rooted in God that we all have to face all the challenges we see. 

We must embrace it and use it to bolster us to initiate our momentum when we feel we are frozen in space temporarily.

The Course reminds us we have a way out. 


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