Lesson 302 Laurie’s Reflections

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Lesson 302: “What is the Second Coming?”  “Where darkness was I look upon light.”

We just need to get used to the light.  Lots of us in our ego minds have spent so much time in the darkness and energetic blocking that we simply don’t know any other way.  We grow to believe that our experience of that darkness is the only option out there.  We forget that light is equally viable for us from which to choose.  We have to have compassion for ourselves for forgetting the light.  It just gets a sideways glance from the ego but the ego has no memory of the light.  The ego simply just doesn’t realize light is possible because it lives in this very opaque part of our minds.  It never gets exposed to any sun or any hint or warming rays of light.  Our ego has no reference for the light because it has no memory of it.

This is why the Course teaches us that we need to forgive the insanity of our ego minds and don’t chastise the ego for maintaining our belief in only darkness.  We have to simply not judge this.  We need to be firm, stand up and let the ego know that we have a different option that will work no matter what the seeming darkness is we face.  We know we can use the light of God to cast away any old pattern of just maintaining our selves in the blindness of darkened parts of our minds.

The ego is a master at judging.  Our egos think that we are bad if we don’t do everything perfectly, if we don’t remember God and that light can be our option.  The good news about this judgement is that we can simply release this layer of insanity by forgiving it.  We allow God to take this from us in the act of forgiving it.  We give it to God in that moment of serenity and we allow God to show us how to love ourselves in a way that allows us to get out of the trap of judging how the ego sees our flaws.

The Course says we want to be sure not to open the door to let in the light if the person we are wanting to shed the light on is going to be shocked.  When people are very used to the darkness, when we allow the light to flow fully into this person’s consciousness, they will actually be overwhelmed by the light and may not be able to process this adequately at the moment.  The important thing here is that we be gentle with other people or ourselves if the same applies to us.  We may need to share the light ever so gently with those who are way out of practice of being in light.  The loving thing to do is be considerate of other people’s feelings.  We want to help people wake up as a general rule.  However, when that door opens and light comes streaming in, people can literally be stunned by this light.
What we want to do is practice our kindness for whoever it is in entrenched in the darkness.  We can just share the light with them little by little.  We want to understand that some people need light in little doses so they can slowly integrate it into their spirits.  This is the way to love people.  We want to trust that God has the plan for their awakening as He does for all of us.  We can have faith that God is happy if we bring God’s purpose, which is the bringing of light to ourselves and others to the forefront of people’s consciousness.  But that may be in small, easy steps until living in the light is more normal.  Then, people don’t reject it in it its foreign nature.


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