Laurie’s Reflections

Lesson 79: “Let me recognize the problem so it can be solved.”

The Course says that we need to get clear that we have some kind of problem when it occurs.

The ego is apt to think that it knows everything and it is right so the ego never doubts itself. 

This is tragic when we simply carry on living with a very specific agenda that never varies because the ego knows its few tricks and it just carries on repeating them.   We can have this rigid inner push- we feel that inner pressure- to live out the exact same thing over again because it seems to be familiar.  The ego gets to prove that it is right if we never question it and just do what it says with no amount of resistance to our allowing it to stay in control.

The first problem is when we deny that we want anything different.  The ego just pushes us to the extremes in convincing us to just sit back and do nothing different.  This is when we think we have all the answers at our fingertips.  The ego thinks all we have to do is do them.  This is always a real tragedy because we lose sight of our inner rigid control on maintaining the reality as it is.  This means that first we recognize it is happening.  Then we start to entertain the question that maybe we are wrong about the situation.

The Course is teaching us to gain awareness that what we have thought is right and true in the world turns out to be the ego’s agenda.  Then, what we need to do once we realize this is then be open instead to God’s plan in lieu of the ego’s way.

We want to see that there is a problem.

We want to not deny that things come up that need to be attended to emotionally or practically. 

We allow there to be a problem, and we look at it from a stance of non-judgement.  Then, we must accept the conundrum.

♥We want to attend to it but we want to be quite clear that it is far less weighty than we usually see it in the ego perspective. 

We have problems in the world that are necessary to attend to to resolve and heal them.

But the Course says we actually have only one problem in our spiritual agenda.  Jesus teaches us here that the separation is the only problem we ever have.

♦We have to realize that our spiritual agenda supersedes any worldly emotional reaction to what is happening. 

We are learning how to understand that all that happens in the world is mildly bothersome.  A lot of us at times feel intensely emotionally reactive to the world.  The ego lives for the highest extremes and tries to get us to just suffer to the max the whole time when we go on the whole lot of emotional roller coasters that the ego brings.  This is always terribly unpleasant because when we just follow the ego’s version of how to interpret reality, we inevitably end up with a whole lot of emotional experiences that are excruciating.  The ego stops at nothing to heighten the level of suffering it appears to bring us.  This is why we need to simply realize this is what it likes to do.

We are learning how to take this heightened suffering and see it as much lesser or perhaps nonexistent suffering.

±We don’t have to take the bait of the world and clench our fists with ferocity. 

We can instead just see that we have a problem and then gently experience it.

We can ask God in prayer for a clear mind where we aren’t prone to jumping overboard off the ego’s sinking ship.  We can instead simply realize that our experience of the emotional world gets totally changed when we allow it to be nothing but a little bit of wind toward the trunk of a tree that is firmly rooted in the earth- the earth being God’s energy and Love.  We don’t have to suffer because we carry with us the Course’s teaching that we don’t have any real problems in life while we still carry within the spiritual overarching knowing that there simply aren’t any problems there.

When we remember that there are no problems there, this helps us to be greatly relieved in our emotional responses to the world.  We are learning to carry this spiritual perspective as wholly true in our minds so we are secured in our worldly dealings.

♣We have the root of God’s certainty and Love as the trunk that provides us with all the strength to counter any force in the oncoming wind. 

Our hearts can be light and happy in the same occurrence as the problem because we have the power of God to support us.


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