Laurie’s Reflections

Lesson 78: “Let miracles replace all grievances.”

We are so fortunate that we simply can be in our miracle mindedness all the time.  The miracle is the shift in consciousness when we in any way feel blah or blue or out of sorts.  When we have that little bit of itch that something is off, even if it seems like a little thing- the Course teaches us the direction for how to heal these dilemmas and bring miracles to everything.  Our miracles are simply a change in the way we perceive what is happening.  When we are off track from our desired mentality then we feel wrong essentially.  When we feel like there is something that doesn’t sit right with us then we are given the gift of a solution that always works to right the situation.

When we regard the problem externally a particular way, it may seem like we can line up the details in our minds about why something is bad and undesired.  We are complaining within that it isn’t some other way.  This is when we need a shift in consciousness.

♥What is going to change how we feel is if we change our internal landscape. 

What God says is that we simply need the willingness to be in the mind where we are open to changing or rectifying our sullen attitude. 

We are called to simply show up, owing this- with that inner knowing- that we need a change in attitude.  We need a change in our feeling to be able to meet this problematic situation with levity or at least acceptance.

What happens when we have determined internally that nothing can make certain situations better, then we have stopped being open to the possibility that we can change how we feel.  We may not always know how to show up with miracles, but we ask God if we don’t know how to stay in touch with our miracle readiness.  As long as we have the willingness to just stay in the process and keep choosing God and our miracle mindedness until our hearts have shifted, then they will into something lighter and happier.

It is always a question of how we feel.  Even if we change the physical components of the situation and it can appear to have a good ending from our ego point of view, we can still be miserable.  What we learn in the Course is the difference between our ego’s version of maintaining its status quo and keeping the appearance of what we want versus Gods’s plan and energy.  We are reminded that feeling is the only thing that is lasting and matters.  When we “change the chairs on the deck of the Titanic” we gain some perspective about how the quality of life in our minds and hearts is the only thinking that truly matters in the end.

All people die at some point.  There is no way around that, so when you think about what we are doing here,

we simply are here for a little blip in eternity.  

We can collect all kinds of worldly goods but eventually they all get given to someone else because we die.  This reminds us that nothing in form is worth more than just a moment’s notice and then a total disregard.  We can realize that the only way we can measure the quality of our lives is in the joy and peace we have had along the way.  And often the character we build within our lives and the sharing this with other people is an extraordinary gift.

We simply need to stay clearly focused on the awareness that we want to live in God’s Mind always.  The way we do this is to stay sure internally that we want to clear out all grievances from our minds.  This means we can clearly decide to choose to be willing to release all grievances.  Sometimes when we approach learning how to be in the world in miracle mindedness all the time, we realize that we are still holding on tightly to our grudges.

Sometimes there is left over work to do within and we simply don’t realize that we carry some grievance in our minds and we just hold onto it with an iron grip.  We can let it go, when we simply allow it to be there.  Sometimes getting to those buried grievances requires us to dig deeply.  Sometimes we don’t know how to get to those buried treasures.  This is the way to really have peace when we allow all of the grievances we carry with us to finally go.

♣We just have to ask ourselves, do I really want to be happy? 

It can help to ask to get us into deeper touch with how we feel and what is left hiding within out of our reach.  Just realize when we do that deeper grievance work then our hearts can then be open to such great peace because we are not holding attack thoughts within.  This is the way to get our minds out of the battleground.


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