ACIM Lesson 153

Lesson 153: “In my defenselessness my safety lies.”  

This lesson says, “Defenses are the costliest of all the prices which the ego would exact.”

We need to appreciate that defenses are not working because they are the way that we start to believe we can be attacked. 

This happens when we lose our certainty, God’s certainty.  That means we end up feeling vulnerable because we perceive the world to have some capacity to injure us.  This is why defensiveness is totally the wrong way to keep ourselves safe in the world.

God’s certainty is the magic and perfectly practical and available energy that we need to give us whatever strength we need to simply stand tall and feel confident.  

We can be sure that we are protected because God tells us in the Course that God looks out for us in whatever and all ways we need.  God is always capable of giving us whatever support we need to feel powerful and well equipped to undertake whatever form of negotiation we need to make in response to what comes toward us as a seeming attack.

God gives us the power in our belief system. 

This is why it works because we change our energy and thinking about how to counter any attack.

This lesson also says, “Yet is defensiveness a double threat.  For it attests to weakness, and it sets up a system of defense that cannot work.” To attest means to certify formally.  That means that we make defensiveness real in our energy.  We practice in the Course not allowing this defensiveness to ever happen.  We are learning to be strong in our defenselessness because we make a clear decision not to feel vulnerable in the face of attack or some world difficulty.  That is why we must make clear effort to stay solid in God’s certainty that we are safe because we are protected by the energy of our beloved supreme Entity- God.

Jesus is teaching us in this lesson that the system of defense created by defenses simply doesn’t work. 

This is why we just need to abandon our old habit of getting entrenched in that defensive feeling.  We just need to let it go and learn how to come with instead with the power of God’s infinite capacity to take care of us in whatever way we need.  We watch our minds and see when that defensiveness arises again.  This is the way the ego likes to tick.  But it is always the way to feeling weak.   Our job is to stay tuned to God’s perfect solution to our safety.

God always has the fail-safe way to keep us totally in the clear of any threat because we don’t let our minds entertain any amount of defenses.

This lesson also says, “Defenselessness can never be attacked, because it recognizes strength so great attack is folly.”  This spells it right out.  Attack is folly means that this is foolishness.

That means attack is not just unreal, God is actually coming out to say that we can laugh about this possibility that attack is possible with our sense of defenselessness intact.

It is so outlandish, we wouldn’t even consider that it has any potential to be possible. 

This means we can be light about this possibility.  We see with our certainty in tact there is no possible attack. We just trust that the purity of our defenselessness protects us by divine power and so it is of not of the false fantasies where we dream we ever couldn’t find God.


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