ACIM Lesson 327

Lesson 327: “What is Creation?”  “I need but call and You will answer me.”

This lesson says, “Father, I thank You that Your promises will never fail in my experience, if I but test them out.  Let me attempt therefore to try them, and to judge them not.” 

God is giving us express permission here to test God out. 

We often hear that God is irritated when we question God in any way or if we don’t have some strong, solid faith in tact.

We think God will punish us because we think that God has a very clear expectation of how we are supposed to behave. We think that God is not willing to bend or accommodate our desires or accommodate our errors in any way.

I love this idea here that God is telling us plainly to test out whatever promises He has made.

This means God, in the Course’s version, has no ego. 

This means that God won’t punish us for any reason at all, especially when our faith is yet new and incompletely formed yet.

The idea that God has an ego is the ego’s mentality. 

The ego always sees attack even if attack is not there.  The ego makes attack all the time because the ego craves attack.

The ego perceives attack even when it is not there, because the ego just likes the drama and the violence cycle.

The ego likes to feign that God is like the ego, and try to convince us, however preposterous this could be.

The ego actually assigns God personality traits that are strictly and only of the ego because the ego wants to see itself. 

This is why it gets so confusing that God appears to have personality traits like the ego, because the truth is that God is nothing at all like the ego, and yet at times we don’t realize the difference.

I love that the Course’s God is never threatened in anyway by any of our questioning.

God has no inclination to feel badly if we don’t have the most solid faith yet and are simply yet in the process of growing our faith bigger. 

I love that God is wholly loving unconditionally, and has no use whatsoever for any kinds of punishment.

We test God’s promises by following what the Course says and opening a dialogue with the Holy Spirit. 

We make our conversations with God regular and something we eagerly look forward to, because it is the way to be genuine with ourselves, and listen to that inner voice that is God that is within us all.

I love that God has zero percent of upset when we sit and get honest with God and get honest with ourselves.

Our sharing our inner hearts with God is the way we get to know ourselves so it is always a good thing. 

But just also trust that we can make our faith stronger when we simply give it regular notice within.

We must give our hearts to God, and trust that our safety is guaranteed by God’s gift of compassion and grace.


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