Laurie’s Reflections

Lesson 14: “God did not create a meaningless world.”

In the ego existence regularly we encounter confusion.  The ego has no idea who we are, the ego has no idea who God is.  The ego is constantly confusing different identities and the qualities that each entity has- it has no idea how to define entities in the first place.  The ego is always lost when it comes to having a correct perspective.  The ego often tries to convince us that the ego is God.  The ego falsely adopts a grandiose perspective that appears as the power of God and also, that God is something other than God.  The ego wants to trip us up as we walk along.  The ego likes confusion because this keeps us fearful and anxious and we cling to whatever it is we are currently doing- which is following the ego when we live in the world.

The ego wants us to be totally unclear about how to perceive it and God and us.  The ego wants to keep us feeling desperately stressed about how to proceed and how to live.  If the ego keeps us blinded- not knowing- the true definition of the options that are available to us then we won’t ever have the sense to choose other than the ego’s path. This is how the ego keeps its hooks into our minds and we can’t disengage easily.  Then the ego has us fully because we don’t realize that God is our absolute dream option.  We sit in our vague situation and we never have clarity when the ego rules so we never rearrange ourselves to get out of the ego’s land of ruling.
The Course teaches us to completely redefine God.  When we realize that God has the perfect plan then we are likely to choose it when we undo all the errors in understanding.  What we need to do is listen to the true nature of God and then it becomes apparent that we just were mistaken before.  God is wholly loving and compassionate and understanding.  God never has a moment of not deeming us wholly worthy of the peace and joy of God.  We deserve the best life that can be offered in this human existence because God so wills it.

God loves us so much that we are destined to live out the dream of consistent peace of mind and joy beyond belief.  We have to understand that when we think less of the relationship we have of God it is just because we have moments of forgetting what could never be.  Sometimes we make an incorrect evaluation.  God never gets angry at us for our faulty thinking, He simply gently points out our error and tells us that we need to be as clear as glass that God gives us the best case scenario in all of our lives.  We have to understand how perfect God is and how perfect is our human existence in which God gives us the abundant gifts of all the plenty.

This is why God would never make a meaningless world.  God only makes what is sensible and perfect.  The world is clearly not either, the world is the projection of our collective insanity.  This is why we don’t need to be disturbed by this information.  God is not angry at us.  We simply need to understand God’s perfection and then understand that God would never create a meaningless world.  God wouldn’t come to the world technically because God is not of form and the world’s form is filled with contradictions, which God is not.

This is why we just need to come to a clarity of the truth of how much God Loves us.  That love is the part of who we are that is of God.  This love fills us through and through because it is our essence.  We just need to hold that God comes with the energy of Love, the form in the world is meaningless as it is not of God.  We just need to keep clarifying for ourselves  the nature of all the entities with whom we share this life.  Then we can more clearly choose correctly when our ideas are clear within our minds.


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