Lesson 266 Laurie’s Reflections

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Lesson 266: “What is the body?” “My Holy Self abides in you, God’s Son.”

What we want to do is remember that our brothers and sisters are the way to our salvation.  We are fortunate to have these relationships with the other beings in the Sonship with us.  We have all the people who inhabit the earth as the chosen people to live in God’s kingdom.  We are infinitely blessed because we have all these people who share with us love and teach us love so that we can be a true demonstration of God’s purpose- extending Love to all.  This means that all the people we see are the ones who are as blessed as we are because God loves us all equally. Therefore, we can simply meet with them in energy in our minds if nothing else and then use our relationships with them as a launching pad that gets us right to the gates of Heaven.

This is the most blessed situation.  We have our relationships with our brothers and sisters as examples of how to live in and through love and we have these relationships to be our accurate reflections.  We have the sure benefit of seeing ourselves truly in their minds.  When others have issues with us this is the perfect chance to practice how to share and connect with the Love of God.  This is why these relationships with our brothers and sisters are holy indeed.

They exist for the purpose of God. Our brothers and sisters teach us and share with us the activity of the arena in which we practice living in the true Love and light of God.  This is why Jesus says that our brothers and sisters are the way we get to our own salvation.  They are the way we get to join in Love and express God’s love with them.  That is why they are holy just as we are- equally holy as we are all the children and benefactors of God.

I think it is easy to lose sight of our gratitude for the common people with whom we share the planet.  The Course says these regular people whom we may or may not know or have interacted with are not just other warm bodies.  We often think that other people get in our ways or cut us off in traffic or miss appointments with us; they may have a whole host of challenges with us in our minds.  However, the Course says these people are our saviors.  They are put here just for our salvation.  Not simply for our well being in the world’s eyes.

They are here to show us how to get to Heaven.  They are here to walk that path to Heaven with us.  This is why we are asked to simply notice them.  Let’s thank everyone, let our hearts be filled with gratitude that can be shared with all.  Know that all people have purpose and they are all playing an essential part of our story on the planet.  Let’s call upon God’s gentleness and treat them with respect and kindness and offer them the gift of great thanks.  This is the way to live in God’s plan with our brothers and sisters joined with us, hand in hand.


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