ACIM Lesson 353

Lesson 353: “What am I?” “My eyes, my tongue, my hands, my feet today have but one purpose; to be given Christ to use to bless the world with miracles.”

In our bodies, we often get confused because the ego has multiple intentions and is always unclear at best, and so we end up either not being able to do what we want or we can’t do what feels important because we are always with limitations of the body.

We often find within that when we let the ego dictate our path, then, we end up in the process of interacting in the world, we get attached to what we see.

We get attached to our bodies and attached to making sure everything looks a certain way.

We have a body that appears to generally lead us down the wrong path since the ego generally tries to reside secretly in the body.

Being in the body is always part of the nightmare because the body seems to end in destruction and death. Often we just have a really unhelpful relationship with our bodies, because so many ego issues come up when we try to deal with our bodies and so then, the ego’s issues become primarily important to us.

The Course gives us a totally other option.

We have this body that we are asked to use while we are on earth as humans.

That is a fact, so the Course invites us to make the best of this and make the happy dream as happy as possible.

When we are willing to live the happy dream, then, we are willing to bring God’s energy and Purpose with us throughout our days and lives.

The happy dream is when we are willing to bring the miracle with us all the time.

The world is a place where there are plenty of situations that look like lack of love, and this is why God gave us miracles specifically.

We can just show up with love in a shift of consciousness within us and we just sit with it and let it exude from us.

We let God’s Love be the tonic that heals all the suffering of the world, and it is easy when we give this whole equation to God to solve.

God is capable in every way, and therefore, His Love in the miracle is all we need to save all the challenges.  All of them.

And so we get to be the ones to bring the miracle.

And this is our gift to ourselves and our gift to the world because it is as easy as pie and as fun as our happiest game.

 And we have our bodies so we have the capacity to share the miracle with the world.

This makes the body a perfect vehicle for our true  Godly purpose.

 All we have to do is be willing to feel it ourselves. Then it becomes contagious.

We can trust that everything that needs to be affected will be.

We can trust that God is the power in the miracle, so that the miracle never fails when it is God centered.


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