Lesson 265 Laurie’s Reflections

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Lesson 265: “What is the body?” “Creation’s gentleness is all I see.”

The ego is harsh.  The world is harsh.  We often view our lives as harsh because we are constantly in an onslaught of tribulation from the world.  We often long in our human lives for kindness and gentleness.  People look for it in religion and social groups with common interests.  We look for it in our families and friends.  We try to squeeze it into what our world appears to be.  We try to make it on attribute of what occurs in our lives.  We often look for it as we hope to find it in the world.  We try to find the smallest amount of ease and comfort.  We want to get off the butcher block in the world.

We try to find gentleness and as we get bombarded with the world’s jagged edge, we try to demonstrate that is important to our lives at least by giving it lip service.  Our egos often have an agenda in the world and often we say that we are going to make clear effort to live in the mind of gentleness- either inside ourselves or out or both.  But the tragedy is that our egos are often just pretending their intention is on with God.  We always long for gentleness on some level but so often we end up not getting around to including it in our minds until we get overwhelmed with the sense of noise within and chaos.  What we are asked to do is see that this just might happen when our egos are in charge.

We need to step back and stop living with only a partial intention of making way for gentleness.  We need to be absolutely clear that gentleness is not just a happy idea in our minds, but that we allow for a whole direct intention to live in a gentle mind.   We are asked to understand that gentleness alone is a way to heal us.  When the edges of the world rough us up in any way, let’s understand that God is the Source of gentleness- and when we allow God’s Love to flow through our minds we become healed of any false idea of injury.  Nothing but God’s Love is the same as gentleness.  We are asked to keep finding within ourselves the certainty that gentleness is all we crave.

The gentleness is the foundation upon which the rest of our personality can flourish dramatically.   We can have attitude, we can advocate for ourselves with a boundary that is well developed, we can have our authentic moments when we express in words our anger or frustration.  We can experience the gamut of our emotional selves and live a life where we are fortunate enough to love all of our honest expressions of what we feel.  We don’t have to shy away from our easy self expression.  God wants us to be fully developed people because in that way we can more fully serve our brothers and sisters in the world and God as well.  Simply let that God energy- the gentleness- be the foundation beneath what appears as our personality on top.  Let the gentleness be the self we return to again and again no matter what we express overtly and allow it to be the most fundamental part of our thinking and behavior.  The gentleness just always needs to be included in who we are.


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