Lesson 264 Laurie’s Reflections

Monday, September 21, 2015

Lesson 264: “What is the body?” “I am surrounded by the Love of God.”

All we have to do is notice it.  Jesus tells us that God’s Love is absolutely everywhere.  We don’t have to make anything happen to get to it.  It is already there in perfect form for us to bask in and use.  All we have to do is see it and recognize it as it is so we can simply integrate it into our hearts and minds.  This is the beauty of God’s Love.  Nothing needs to be accomplished before we get to it.  All we have to do is just open our eyes or perhaps just feel it and experience it.  We don’t have to solve any big problem to get to the answer in God’s Love.  It is perfectly available for us at each moment to recognize and know.

God’s Love is our gift because it is always the energy that feeds our hearts whenever we have a moment of doubt.  When we feel distress or despair, all we have to do is just realize God’s Love is already with us.  We are all infinitely blessed because when we have challenge, God is the perfect healing ointment that brings our hearts out of the land of darkness where we sometimes find ourselves.
Let’s let God be our one and only answer.  God gives us the certainty in the form of Love and with this power, we can meet each little mishap with a healing power that is exactly what we need.

This lesson says, “For what surrounds Your Son and keeps him safe is Love Itself.”  We simply need to let go of our old ideas that the world gives us some amount of what we need.  Our egos are frequent collectors of that with which we come into contact.  We often believe as our pile of goods becomes higher and reaches across the stretch in the sky that we see, we start to believe this is the true state of abundance.  When we see it, it becomes real to us.  The draw our egos feel to believe this becomes almost irresistible.  We just can not shake it.  It seems bigger than we are.  Then, we conveniently forget that this stuff piling up is actually of no value in God’s view.  We must stay vigilant in our hearts to stop our insane desire to think the world is real.

We simply must stay clear in our focus to stay committed to this truth that nothing else can be our Source accept for God.  We are asked to keep learning how to let go of our false ideas and then fill our minds with something such as and only the Love of God.  This is the only important thing to learn in our lifetimes.  We are asked to be a cup overflowing of God’s Love.  When we learn that It is with us always then nothing seems difficult.  We are asked to live in this Love and through this Love.  We are asked to carry this with us and extend it outward and feel it inward.  We are asked to remember this Love is the only essential thing to do in our lives.  We are asked to understand with conviction how fortunate we are.  And while we know that, we just need to connect to that little willingness within us to make sure we live in God’s Love and nothing else.


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