ACIM Lesson 67

Lesson 67: “Love created me like It self.”

God and Love are synonymous.  

The Course reminds us here that God is in fact nothing other than Love.

Remembering this I think helps us to set aside that old fear image the ego makes about God being condemning and bent on punishing us. 

The Course teaches that these are all false images of God.

God is nothing but Love, and then we don’t confuse God with an evil king or evil deity who wants to rob us completely of our independence and compassion for self. 

God feels way easier to trust when we see God as strictly Love.

We can then relax because God is not a monster with disastrous plans. 

This allows us to be light and happy because our nightmare no longer exists when there is no evil God.

When we see ourselves as created by God as Love in His image, then we can embrace our amazing nature because it is God given. 

Being Love is the best thing to happen to us.

When we see a call for Love in the world, we can simply show up and simply identify with our true nature, which is Love.

Then, when we are already identifying with our role as Love’s creation then all we have to do is have a thought about bringing Love and just be present and feel it.  

Then that Love becomes larger and larger within us because we are thinking about it and putting energy into it.

We must appreciate that we are the essence of God.

This makes us as powerful as God- as this is a logical conclusion. 

If we are made of God’s essence then we are as powerful as God when we just allow it to be so.

We are simply asked not to diminish our importance. 

Since we are Love, we are powerful people.  God give us our power and therefore it is beyond any limited ideas we have of worldly love and situations there.

We re just asked to allow this to be so.

Just don’t allow ourselves to have a limited perspective of Love. 

The ego by nature limits everything.  Love is so powerful and this is the essence of who we are.  We must simply come to understand how powerful we are too as Love.  Don’t limit Love.  This would be a huge error.

Just appreciate that we can be as great as we want to be, because we are simply God’s plan in action. 

There is nothing better than we are because we are God’s creatures.  We are the ones who limit, not God.


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