ACIM Lesson 66

Lesson 66: “My happiness and my function are one.”

The purpose of the ego is attack energy.  

The ego likes to be at war and so fosters any interaction that promotes the ongoing battle.

The ego declares this its nature and acts accordingly to perpetuate the war.

The Course gives God and the Holy Spirit at totally different approach. 

While the ego is making worry- thoughts and fear-gipping-thoughts, God never takes this stance.  God says that that He is never angry at us and never has a momentary thought that we deserve punishment.

God never even has a quick second in this realm because God’s energy is purely Love- it is clear, open and free flowing.  

God reacts to the ego’s warring insanity by simply not being willing to participate.  God does nothing to further drive the ego’s whims.

God may sit and watch the ego be insane and be troubled, but this is just to love and be present with the ego. 

God just wants the ego to know he or she is loved.  All parts of the ego and the world are totally embraced by God because then they can feel taken care of.

When they feel cared for, then they are less likely to act out. 

When God just sits with the ego’s hostile insanity, then the ego knows God will take the time and effort to be available and give the ego space energetically to do what the ego needs to do. 

This is a healing process because God simply acknowledges the ego, and perhaps takes a deep breath.  God just shows up in the way that God does to meet our every want and need.

God will sit with the ego and simply be present because this is all that God needs to do to heal the ego. 

The Course teaches that God never attacks back. 

This is entirely amazing.  God never has a moment where He wants or needs to perpetuate the attack cycle.  When the ego has a thought, then our minds are entirely filled with attack thoughts.

The ego attacks nonstop, but God just sits there and shares His exquisite Presence.

When anyone returns an attack, it doesn’t matter how many times the people involved attack each other, and it doesn’t matter if one person appears to win the verbal attacks in motion of exchanging them.  It may appear that one person wins the war.

But even if the arguments eventually end, the attack energy in the process has been totally glorified and has blossomed. 

When we allow the attack energy to thrive, then it gets bigger because we put energy and thought behind it. 

The Course’s version of God simply stops the war with the ego in simply showing up and being present.

But instead of attacking, He is simply holding silence or a quiet prayer or an energy exchange, specifically devoid of attack energy and intention. 

This is why God’s stance on not attacking is beautiful to the core.

It feels so good that God only wants to be truly helpful and therefore, never is willing to attack back.


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