ACIM Lesson 65

Lesson 65: “My only function is the one God gave me.”  

This lesson says, “I want no other and I have no other.”  

The Course is teaching us to be conflict- free. 

If we feel conflict within, our alignment becomes completely off.

Then, we get misaligned with God’s love and energy because of our inner conflict.

The Course reminds us that we have a specific function, which God gives to us and that God saves for us- undamaged- when we forget.  That means our function is always accessible when we are tuned in.  Our function stays unspoiled all the time.

This is a given because God declared it so. 

God is always consistent because God is perfect and therefore- never changes.

This means no matter what, we can count on our function being there within us and for us.

The problem is when we forget. 

Then, we end up in a totally wrong energetic state because we are not in communion with God’s purpose.

If it is our natural state to be aligned with God because God wills it so, then nothing can change this.

But then we forget, then we become a big vague mess.

When our energy is not in synch with God, then the problem is that we are in conflict with ourselves.

This inner conflict is the root of all of life’s problems because it doesn’t feel good or look good. 

We have problems as a result because our energy is then off and therefore, we start to manifest the drama and challenge we see ahead of us in the world’s picture.

The problem is being in conflict. 

When we allow the conflict, then our energy shifts to one of fixed energy because we are not open to the flow of God’s Love, and therefore, tuning into God’s Will and purpose.  

God’s Love allows us to function in a healthy alignment.  Conflict makes us not able to function in the world because we are off.

And it makes us miserable because we are not open still to the true function God gives us.  This results in our being especially eager to get out of the nightmare.


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