ACIM Lesson 64

Lesson 64: “Let me not forget my function.”

God saves our function for us. 

The Course says that God absolutely has our backs.

We have a function established already. 

All we have to do is pay attention to it.  But if we have moments where we can’t connect with God, then we still have a way to get ourselves back on track.

God loves us so much that God is secretly hiding our function away from our minds, holding it completely safe and sound from any influence the ego may have in our minds. 

The ego tries to give us a zillion other reasons to live.  But this is all a mistake.

Thank goodness God knows the nature of ego-thinking and does the most loving and parental caring thing He can do.

We would distort if it were in an accessible place; we could take it out and move it around then get it out of synch with God, causing misalignment with God’s purpose. 

When we do this, then we end up in nightmares in the world because we are not connected with our true reason for living.

The Course says God is entirely loving and just takes our function and holds it out of the ego’s reach, where we can see it but not interfere with it or try to make it something it is not. 

This is perfect parental love because parents know what children are still in the process of learning- such as- don’t walk across the street without looking both ways, and then what are the consequences of such action.

This is where parents are absolutely essential to the learning process and are able to act in the most loving, parental ways.

God protects us from ourselves when the egos are doing their thing.

God absolutely cares that we get reconnected with our function because God knows the life we are meant to have, as well as how we can hurt ourselves if we do something inappropriate when we don’t realize what we are doing because we have yet the learning of a child.

Therefore, we can trust that God loves us and wants us to have the truth about who we are.  God cares that we hold the knowledge of our function close to our hearts.

This is the inspiration that feeds us and carries us forward step by step. 

We  just have to do our parts and do something.

Guilt is our number one problem in terms of feelings that block the presence of love. 

The Course is incredibly gentle in its message-delivery-style.  We have this problem of forgetting our function.  But we have two things going for us.

Number one- God has the function stored within us in a place we can’t lose.

This always gives us hope and therefore inspiration to get up and go further with correcting our mistake when we forget our function to be one with God and live in love.  

The other thing we need is a little dose of forgiveness. 

We forget our function, which we all inevitably do, because this is part of being human.  Forgetting is par for the course.  However, we are learning to not feel guilty about forgetting.

This guilt is so powerful, it knocks us off track and totally impairs our ability to see anything else. 

Sometimes our guilt feels intense and quite raw.  

Just remember to hold that part of us ever so delicately.  Just give the guilt space to be released completely from our minds.

Bless the guilt and thank it for allowing us to get to know ourselves better. 

Allow the guilt to speak and be heard.  This is all part of making friends with it.

Be sure we love it because it is present in our minds, and then we surrender it back to God. 

Let’s melt the guilt with forgiveness.


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