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Lesson 113: Review: “I am one Self, united with my Creator.”  “Salvation comes from my one Self.”

This lesson says, “From my one Self, Whose knowledge still remains within my mind, I see God’s perfect plan for my salvation perfectly fulfilled.”  The Course says that our connection with the knowledge about how to sit in peace with our identity is actually always in our minds.  This means we don’t have to actually learn anything new.  We simply are needing to remember this truth about us that is always available for us to feel and experience and live.  All we have to do is refresh our memory.  This is the purpose of the Course and all of Jesus’s teachings within it.  This means we don’t have to even go to any effort.  A lot of us are so maxed out by the amount of things we want to do in any given day, it could feel absolutely daunting to take on one more task.  Even when it is God, our ego sure resists and rebels because it is easy to make excuses for our minds that are otherwise engaged.

This means the way to God is absolutely simple and straightforward.

We don’t have to do any real learning that is not already familiar to us.

This is the beauty of the Course’s philosophy that says we just forgot this truth that is always in us. 

Then we don’t have to figure out how to get to  some theoretical place to get this knowledge back.  We don’t have to sign up for classes or wait to get this from our local reverend.

We can simply do this with gentle reminders. 

We remind ourselves until we realize that our forgetting was just a brief interlude where we momentarily lost our way.  But it was simply a wrong direction temporarily so all we have to do is focus on this information in our minds.  Then we bring it back into our awareness.  This means it was never foreign to us.  We just lost sight of it in a second and then now are wanting to bring it back into our primary focus.  This means we don’t have to do anything extravagant or find some unique way to bring it back.

All we have to do is just be willing to bring our intent of openness to prepare for the concept.

Our openness is definitely an essential piece in the puzzle of sorting out what we believe.  We have to allow our minds to simply be available to be retrained.

We must come with empty hands. 

When we bring our full heart, God has nowhere to place this memory.

This is why we learn simply to give our minds space, make sure our minds are with some amount of gap.  They often are chock -full of beliefs.  They often are closed because they are overloaded with substance and can’t add a single thing.

This is why the Course teaches us to watch our thoughts and learn to give them to God’s altar for God to do away with them when we are finished learning what we learn from them.  In this process we can let go of lots of emotional baggage buildup internally.  We are the ones who get to monitor our minds.

We get to participate in God’s plan by being present and paying attention to the nature of thoughts that cross our minds. 

This means that we get to take the awesome responsibility of making our lives better by giving them to God.  The reason we do this is so we can have peace along the way and the deepest experience of Love.   This is what we add when we continue to stay vigilant in the watching and sorting our thoughts.  When we see a thought that is not love, we give it back to God so that our minds will be as empty as possible.

Then adding the heaviest and most appropriate dose of God’s Love becomes easy because we have had the willingness to keep only thoughts that are of God and thus are helpful and for greater good for all.


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