Laurie’s Reflections

Lesson 112: Review: “Light and peace and joy abide in me.”  “I am as God created me.”

We are learning to remember who we are.  The problem is that we just totally lose touch with what makes us perfect and just right exactly as we are.  We get into the habit of hearing only the negatives in our minds.  When we hear the ego’s blather, it all sounds like a broken record in our minds.  It becomes so real to us because it has that nature of simply repeating the same old predicaments.  Therefore, we end up totally in the position of believing these false premises about ourselves. We just become convinced of it because the ego has a booming voice in our minds.

The ego knows just how to get us- where we will believe anything.  The ego makes false statements and they are easy to take on as reality.  We often lose track of what is clear inside so we start to buy into the vagueness of the egos’ insistence that we have certain traits and qualities.  The ego says that because we have whatever flaws we appear to have that the reality is that we are not good enough.

The ego says we are not good enough for even our own self love. 

Most certainly the ego deems us a lost cause when it comes to getting God’s love.

We just have to understand that no matter how many times we hear this, we have to simply stay at the practice of reminding ourselves that God’s truth is entirely different than the ego’s.

This is why A Course in Miracles is a practical course. 

Its purpose is to give us practical applications of this philosophy as well as the text of explaining how the philosophy will make sense to us.  Reading the book is part of how we learn it.  But the important part of the Course is to really do it.

Lots of us go to church or may read lots of self help books.  These are lovely additions to giving us a heightened sense of peace because we receive love there and also we are inspired by the messages there.  However, what really matters in the end is applying all this amazing insight and information about our spiritual and personal selves.  This is why the Course is so amazing- at getting us to actually apply the Course.  We have a wealth of information from Jesus about how to live in peace and truly be happy because this is the ideal lifestyle that everyone would hope for when they get down to what is most important.  Also, the Course reminds us of the truths that are essential for us to remember.

The more we have these ideas fresh in our minds and constantly cycling through is really what makes this stuff stick in our minds internally.

The repetition is what succeeds, along with our willingness of course to do it. 

But we just have to stay in the practice of making some connection with the material presented in the Course.  This of course can be found in other sacred places where we can go to commune with brothers and sisters.

We just want to stay on a path of clear minded effort to accept these ideas as true and real so that we start to exude and embody these principles in the most remarkable way.

Then we get to live in peace.  There is nothing better than peace of mind.  And all of the people we have relationships with will also feel this extraordinary energy we exude because our energy is contagious.  Everybody will want to join us on our journey in this life when we get to a place like the Course says where we do everything with God.

This is the other most important teaching of the Course is to do everything with God. 

We learn about attachment and how to release our ego’s firm grip on things in the world.  The Course is a practical manual to get to a place where we consciously choose to be with God always because we just consciously choose this.    Then later when it becomes habit choosing God is quick and easy and we can choose to be with God throughout all worldly activities.

Then there is no momentary departure from our plug in to God’s energy because we learn how to be totally present with God as we are living the happy dream in the world.

Furthermore, we bring light to the masses there as our hearts are overflowing with gentleness about and commitment to what is most important.


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