ACIM Lesson 364

Lesson 364:  It says, “This holy instant would I give to You.” 

The Course teaches that an instant is all we need to return to God. 

The instant can happen anytime or all the time.  We don’t have to wait to get to the good stuff.

The holy instant is the instant we turn to God. 

It is holy because when we feel it and experience it, then we get to our salvation. 

The Course says that our salvation is when we remember that we are perfect and never left the mind of God.

The Course reminds us that the instant is holy because it is when we change direction with a willing heart- when we turn toward God and take that plunge of willingness then we get on the track that feeds us and heals us.

The instant is all it takes.  We don’t have to figure it out in a long weekend.

All we need to know is that we are not limited by any worldly timeline. 

We can trust that we can get instantly engaged with God when we simply make that choice to do so. 

We can enjoy that this process is so quick.  The world seems always bound by timelines and schedules.

The Course reminds us that God is on a totally different timeline than the world and this is why it takes only an instant to remember we were never lost from God. 

Then, immediately, we return to the happiness of being immersed in God’s Love, which is our paradise on earth.


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