Laurie’s Positive Points: Mindful Movement

Laurie’s Positive points: Mindful movement:

Movement is our friend, or it needs to be. Movement is necessary for life in all aspects of our lives.

We need to incorporate moving in physical, emotional, spiritual, and intellectual parts of our lives.

Movement is our God-given right. Be infinitely grateful for it.

Movement physically is our conscious attempt to be graceful. We want to be light and soft in our bodies while we move so that we glide and make easy motions.

Moving full of grace will cause us to feel so good because we are being conscious physically and being high. When we are light, we will have less pain because we are being soft physically.

We need to make an effort to be quiet and graceful because we will feel so much better when we do.  

Our intellectual selves must be stimulated and encouraged to learn new things and keep our minds active in various ways of participating in life. The more we do, the more vibrant our minds are.

Thus, remember to give ample time and attention to our intellectual stimulation so our minds are healthy and we can use our minds in various ways. 

 Our spiritual lives must be of great movement forward. We must be willing to participate in our life lessons.

We must be willing to engage by watching what we need to do and be conscious of where we need to go spiritually. 

We often forget to touch our feelings; if we do, we will have blocked emotions. Our internal emotional systems are not ideal. We need to handle them and give them to God’s altar to be released, so we do not suffer over them.

All Love,

 Laurie Prezbindowski

 Licensed Acupuncture


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