Miracles Lesson 259

Lesson 259:  Let me remember there is no sin.

This lesson says”Sin is the only thought that makes the goal of God seem unattainable.”

Remember that the Course explains that sin is a thought only.  Do not allow sin or our guilt over believing we are sinful get in any way manifested into the world.

 We have no sin and we do no sin because God created each and every one of us sinless and innocent for all time.  There is no way any action we perform can impact this standing that we are blessed by God so guilt is gone that was there before.  But as soon as we realize we are sinless then there is no reason to resort to feeling guilty.

Our egos go out of their ways to make us buy into the ego’s insanity maintaining that we are in some way flawed and unworthy of God’s favor and dedication because our egos are insane. 

Because God set the Universe up in a way that means God’s laws are different than the ego’s regular insanity.   God’s laws are sane and result in abundance because this is the way God created us.

We can trust that God has a perfect plan for our lives.  We can trust this implicitly.

When we feel guilty when we believe we sin then we feel horrible.  The Course reminds us If we are in a position of believing this untruth and we consequently feel terrible about it; then the only problem is that we need to change our minds about our beliefs that our egos have believed. 

The Course explains that we are responsibly for watching our minds and choosing our thoughts .  This is excellent news because it means we can be empowered and be willing to have an awesome life because we choose to make it awesome.  Feeling empowered is a phenomenally huge awesome treat!!

All Love,

Laurie Prezbindowski

Licensed Acupuncture


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