ACIM Lesson 171

Lesson 171: Review: “God is but Love, and therefore so am I.”  “All things are but echoes for the Voice for God.”  “The  power of decision is my own.” 

All experiences in the world are simply ways for us to get to God.

 The Course says that everything is Love or it is a call for Love.  In a call for Love we may see something that appears lacking in some way and we may feel resistant to joining with it emotionally and energetically because we may not like the way it looks.  The Course asks us not to judge what we see.  We look at it and if it appears to be lacking in love then we simply need to connect with the Love of God which is always within us.

We feel this within, radiate it and then we bring Love to the situation and any memory of lack of love before is totally gone. 

Now this situation is abundant with Love.

The Course says that we can see God in everything.

That means that we can trust that all things that happen are God-authorized. 

God makes the plan that the Universe follows; therefore, there is never a need of our judging anything we see.  This means we can accept it gladly.  We focus our minds on the abundance at hand and do our part to make sure love gets channeled to whatever we see that gives the impression of being lacking.  This is meant to be our part in the predicament.

We are meant to meet world in a way that we do it with God.  The world seems full of ornaments and objects that capture our attention and give us reason to get distracted with the egos’ agenda.  The Course says the world is not real.

However, we can prevent ourselves from remembering God with our overwhelm with attachment over the world’s offerings. 

The Course says- allow the world to be something that has no impact on the level of peace we feel and exude.  The world is there for us to gain experiences about how to persist in being able to choose God within the nightmare.

We make sure that our vigilance practice is adequate about how and when we choose God.

It all has purpose when we remember the world is the place for us to play with God and our brothers and sisters.

We can celebrate the dance there, and melt into the giggles with bright smiles.  

The world- when we give it to God’s purpose can absolutely be about being light and happy.  We must remember that the world exists so that we learn how to love.

We learn how to love in ways that feel authentic for ourselves and also how to love a way that parallels God’s order of Loving.  

We can function in the world in a mind of acceptance of what may appear to be unpleasant.  What matters is that we remember God is the one who gives us peace when we dedicate our time of living to His purpose.

The Course says God’s purpose is simply to remember we are loved.

This goal is accessible for all.  

The Course teaches us to be empowered in our decision making.  Power comes from the energy we feel when we feel good about ourselves.  The world’s solution to our happiness is incorrect for sure because the power is all external. When we feel good about ourselves then everything in the world becomes effortless because we are not looking there to make us happy.

When our expectations in the world cease being loaded because we don’t look to them to fulfill us then we find all we do incredibly easy.

When we refuse to partake in the ego’s plight then this opens the flow of God energy.  Then we will have the strength with God because we give God space to be there.

The world becomes less a confusing mystery and turns into a happy place where curiosity can be expressed with no delay or resistance.


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