Laurie’s Positive Points: Learn how to let go of your feelings.

Laurie’s Positive Points: Learn how to let go of your feelings.

Letting go of our feelings is essential to living life well.

Our emotions often get stuck inside, and we tend not to prioritize them and put them far from the center of our minds and hearts. We are not willing to notice them at all because we might harbor primarily pain in our minds and spirits at the idea of owning them and claiming them.

So our egos generally make broad moves to ignore those feelings within us, so this makes living uncomfortable at the very least but also prevents us from feeling true joy, so we want to do this promptly when we notice them.

We need to see that we have uncovered pains within our minds and hearts, release them, and let them go. Releasing our feelings follows a path that works best for us if we follow it.

When we notice we have unresolved feelings within, we must start the process and feel our emotions. Feeling feelings, which we can do at any time, is something we absolutely must do in the process of releasing our feelings.

When we feel our emotions, this action acts as an action step to make the move that we can release our repressed feelings, so we must do the process of feeling feelings adequately. And if we do, we will feel much better because we do not have that inner excess of unexpressed emotions.

Therefore, within, we feel so much more precise and able to focus because we do not have any inner energetic guck. When it is gone, we feel able to function more fully, so this is worth doing.

After we feel our feelings, we can give them to God and release the inner energetic stuckness. So God is capable of clearing us out energetically and exhaustively emotionally.

But we can not get our feelings released by God until we take the step of feeling them, so we need to start there and be willing to participate in this whole process and know we will feel so much better when we get to the end point where we give our stuck emotions to God.

We must be willing to participate in the process and ready to go through the process. We also must be willing to operate in feeling our feelings and letting them go with God’s help.

As long as we show up with our faith, we will get what we need to process, releasing the stuck emotions and also the belief that God will be able to help out in the process of removing our old stuck inner wounds.

All Love,

Laurie Prezbindowski

Licensed Acupuncture


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