Miracles Lesson 217

Miracles Lesson 217: “I am not a body. I am free. For I am still as God created me” “it can be, but my gratitude I earn.”  The Course says that gratitude is a must for us to carry through life.

Gratitude allows us to feel open and accessible within our minds and bodies because we rest in our certainty when we connect with our gratitude, so our whole lives will be remarkable.

When we feel our appreciation, we feel perfectly aligned with God because God is the original creator of our gratitude. The moment we feel our Love in the form of appreciation, we have reached the energetic heights that gratitude brings us.

God gave us gratitude because it is one way we can express Love and joy, and peace, so we are asked in the Course to use gratitude all the time so that we feel lighter and will be happier.

The Course says the moment we get tuned into our joy a nd appreciation, and we receive remarkable energetic elevations.

The gratitude we have all the time, but we often forget to feel it while living in our bodies, so the Course instructs us to remind ourselves that thankfulness is always within us.

We forget and space out that this is true. The Course invites us to make our gratitude something we always remember.

Sometimes we have to coach our egos and ask them to tune into what we feel so we can notice it is already there and enjoy it promptly because it is securely in our minds, bodies, and souls.

So this knowledge allows us to get in touch with our gratitude and supplement it when it looks low with God’s Love to be the Source when our gratitude seems to be waning.

The Course also says that when our gratitude gets low, remember to give it away, which will increase because this is how God made it.

God has His laws in the Universe, so to the ego in the world, when we give something away, then it disappears, and we no longer have any, so this is why our egos go so far as to try not to give anything away, so we do not lose anything.

However, according to the Course, God has laws where when we give away something, those things increase. God’s laws declare that abundance will continue with things like gratitude will continue with God’s laws.

So there is a great reason to celebrate giving things away because we can trust it will remain still so we can continue to enjoy it. In God’s world, when we give something away, we can continue to enjoy it because the energy of what was there before continues, so there is no way to lose gratitude.

All Love,


Laurie Prezbindowski

Licensed Acupuncture


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