Laurie’s Positive Points: Remember to cherish loved ones

Laurie’s Positive Points: 

Remember to cherish our loved ones.

Life is short. We never know when someone we love or are committed to will get sick and die. We must cherish all our time with all people, especially with our close ones.

 We can often forget to be fully engaged in our love’s needs and appreciate them. Stay tuned to what our loved ones most want out of life.

Life is short and therefore precious, so make sure we stay tuned into all of our loved ones’ desires and hopes so that we can help them achieve in life what feels essential for them. 

Commitment is something we may or may not choose to do with our partners, and we can see what feels good for us to do whether our loved ones and we go down this route.

Tune into that inner intuitive voice of God’s high energy and feel and hear the voice that gives us the clarity about when and how to become more committed to our loved ones. Partners and loved ones often may need to commit a certain amount at various times.

We need to tune into that inner voice we all have so we can receive the clarity about how to approach the whole subject of how and when to take more steps of commitment with our loved ones.

Remember to be patient and kind when we approach our loved ones with whatever issues arise in our relationship. Remember how much we respect and love them, so we need to remember to treat them this way.

Taking proactive action toward them will go a long way toward healing our relationship. Stay tuned to our minds, so we watch when we fail to treat them well and correct them. 

Keep returning to how awesome they are so we can truly take it in. Sometimes we get busy and forget or overlook how much we love our loved ones, so be willing to return to this promptly when we lose our inner focus on how exceptional our loved ones are.  

All Love,


 Laurie Prezbindowski

 Licensed Acupuncture


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