Laurie’s Positive Points :Releasing judgment

Laurie’s Positive Points: Releasing our judgment.

If we are judgmental, we are resisting the moment. Judgment is our egos that complain about everything.

Our egos are never satisfied. They complain fretfully and become the most severe challenges. Judgment is that thing that makes us lose touch with the truth that everything in the world is perfect as it is. There is never a reason to proclaim the world problematic.  

The ego always exists in darkness, and we want to avoid accepting the ego in general but also, if the ego is dark, we want to not get into a willingness to accept the ego.

When we hear the ego’s banter, go right into changing our mind about the ego and not buy into the egos’ falsehoods. Judgment is the one thing we must avoid, so we should continue wholeheartedly.

We make sure don’t make judgment worse by resisting the world. When we fight the world, then we get into a very dark place because we are not willing to move forward In the world.

We see that there is no reason for resisting the world. So we need to stay in a mindset that there are no problems in the world, so we accept what we see and don’t attack the planet.

Just be kind and respectful about what we see. Do not get into a space of being cranky. Be open and up for investigating the world in a way that allows us to see the true nature of the world and have no negative attitudes about it.

We need to take responsibility for getting to peace when we see the world. Judgment is the one essential thing we don’t do. When we judge, we prevent a smooth flow into our experience in the world.

When we consider, we decide we know the actual reality in the world, which is never helpful, so stand back and don’t go there. Judgment is unpleasant, and it always robs us of being neutral about the world.  

We ideally want to be neutral about the world; we want to evaluate what happens there with a mind of grace and peace. Then when we assess the world, we come from a neutral place where we don’t block the flow of God’s Love and essence because we are not attacking the world anymore.

Being judgmental blocks the flow, so we end up resisting the world because we are critical. Therefore, we do not want to not experience judgment because of that.

We want to evaluate what happens in the world with a neutral perspective. Considering is how we can truly see the world for the reality it is, without adding judgment to the mix. We want to evaluate the world and use this incredible investigative tool to perceive the pleasant earth.

Because we remain neutral about the world when we see it, we are open to allowing it to be indeed what it is. So the key to evaluating is to perceive the world with no judgment.

Then, we stop resisting the globe because we see it as neutral and do not have any thoughts about it because we see it from an unbiased perspective. 

Plus, when we get judgmental about the world, we assume that we have the correct version of how the world truly is.  

Catch our judgment thoughts before they get out of control. We can take all of the steps necessary to forgive our judgment and not enhance it. Forgive it first, and then know we can be instead invested and capable of being non-judgmental about the world in our situation.          

All Love,


 Laurie Prezbindowski


 Licensed Acupuncture



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