Laurie’s Positive Points: Staying healthy

Laurie’s Positive Points: Staying healthy.   

We need to do whatever we can to maintain our health and well beings.  We have to be careful and mindful that we are making sure we are full of health and grace emotionally, physically and intellectually.

Our  minds and bodies give us so much capacity to use them in all kinds of ways so we need to be aware of this and be grateful about this.  We have our bodies to wear and use while we are on earth as people, so we need to be quite grateful for our abundance here of having a system of living in our bodies and minds. 

We have this amazing vessel called our minds and bodies system that we get to use while we are here on the earth currently.  This means we need to greet this knowledge of how great it is with ultra gratitude.  We need to be ever so grateful that all is well and that our persons function as well as we do.  So we can throw a party for ourselves because of this.  

We need to make sure we do as much as we can to sustain ourselves such as emotionally, physically, intellectually and spiritually we need to be careful stewards of our bodies. 

We must be willing to take care of all aspects of our lives at each moment.  Our bodies, fortunately for us can do a good bit on their own, they can do somethings by themselves but know that in addition to our gratitude for all the ways they can sustain themselves without our conscious effort, like breathing is generally automatic, so this helps us stay on course and proceed ahead because we can. 

There are ways that the bodies and minds need to receive some extra practical effort to support themselves.  We need to do some things additionally to make our bodies and systems work efficiently.   

We would be extra served if we were willing to do some extra exercises such as doing various things to keep our system functioning properly.  We need to do whatever we can to help support our systems over time. It is great if we can do regular toning up of our bodies and minds and spirits.

We need to do some reading of books and or magazines to keep our minds active that way.  The more we can sustain our systems by doing extra activities for our minds and bodies is worthy doing. These extra activities are a way to enhance our capacity to function and be healthy so they are worth doing.  We want ideally to have the greatest  amount of life quality and we also want to have life quantity, so we want to do various activities for these reasons as well.

Remember we are in a relationship with our bodies, and personal systems.  We need to take care of them because they are priceless and so valuable. 

Remember we want to get along well with our functioning systems so just keep this in mind so we are enthusiastic about taking care of our individual self because we can, and this would be much better for us if we stop resisting all of the work it takes to sustain our bodies minds and systems. 

We need to approach our own personal system like it is worth its weight in gold, like we can not get enough of taking care of our personal systems.  This will improve our attitudes.

Be sure to try to do extra things to support our systems like  doing therapy,  talking at length to friends and or family for emotional support.

We need to exercise aerobically regularly and do weight bearing activities such as lifting weight  or other healthy excercises that keep us flexible, strong and balanced.

We can take care of our brains also by playing brain games regularly in a physical capacity or on the computer.   Find balance whatever you are doing.  

All Love,

Laurie Prezbindowski

Licensed Acupuncture


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