Miracles Lesson 63

Lesson 63: “The Light of the world brings peace to every mind through my forgiveness.”

This lesson eloquently explains how my forgiveness heals the world. God gives us this balm of forgiveness we can use to heal the world.

God gives us the one thing that will change the world and bring light instead of shadows.

Forgiveness is worth doing because it heals all those who use forgiveness on someone else, and it heals all those who receive forgiveness, so we need to make sure we remember to bring forgiveness to the world.

We forget, so the Course inspires us to remind ourselves of It and then use it immediately when we get it. 

Using forgiveness, the Course explains how when we feel forgiveness for someone else, we are in the process of bringing this into our minds and selves, and we end up feeling the energy and purpose of forgiveness- it goes right through us because this is the way the Universe works.  

The Course explains how God brought us the forgiveness that we can use in the world at calls for Love, and this is the one thing that works without fail, so it is worth doing. Then we end up feeling so much better generally because we have felt this forgiveness.

The forgiveness energy goes right through us, so we benefit from doing this at any moment. We can feel so grateful God provided us with this enormous balm of forgiveness and know how great it is that we can use forgiveness as something we can use to remedy the world’s insanity. So super that God gives us forgiveness and works so well consistently.

The Course says that the world is an illusion and is not there, but we need to realize this is true. It can be shocking to come to the clarity that the world does not exist, so step right up and be shocked.

The Course wants us to step in suffering. Our wanting to stop suffering This is, of course, why Helen scribed the Course so that we can experience our lives with minimal or no sorrow; this is why the Course explains and teaches that the world is not accurate, so we have zero suffering over the world.

We need to get skilled at not being upset about the world. We need to make an effort to do this, take the time to focus on this, and allow it to be a reality and not get bothered by the insanity.

We need to remember that the world is fine as it is. We need to forgive the world for being insane and affecting us. Dismissing the world allows us to be there and not get extremely upset about the world or even mild losses.

The Course reminds us that all troubles are equally disturbing. Being very upset has the same effect as being even mildly bitter. We need to catch and find and resolve this upset no matter how big it is.

We need to be proactive about this all the time. We need to consciously watch our thinking and catch ourselves before going into any attack energy or purpose. The vision and the experience of our egos, so we need to not go into the ego’s insanity and choose better thinking.

All Love,

Laurie Prezbindowski


 Licensed Acupuncture




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