Miracles Lesson 56

Miracles Lesson 56:: “My attack thoughts are attacking my vulnerability.” “Above all else, I want to see.” “Above all else, I want to see differently.” “God is in everything I see.” “God is in everything I see because God is in my mind.”

 This lesson says brilliantly, “Recognize that what I see reflects what I think I am. I realize that vision is my greatest need..” And the lesson also says, “Behind every veil, I have drawn across the face of Love, its light remains undimmed. 

The Course says over and over that vision is our need. We need to know that we are thinking in the same mind as God and be full of Love and gratitude because we can.

The Course says that we want to stay in the energetic groove with God because God is our Father and Benefactor. And God desires and wills all great things for us because He loves us so much.

God is the way we choose if we want to be happy because it is better to choose God over the ego. The Course says that we need to take the initiative and effort to stay in the habit and practice of choosing God over the ego and when and if we do, then all is well. 

God loves us so much. He has our lives perfectly planned for us; we need to be willing to show up and give God a chance, so we do not get out of sorts like when we choose the ego. We need to realize that we have all the power in our lives because we get to choose our thinking and energy, and therefore, the world will follow suit and be a reflection of ourselves.

The Course reminds us how powerful we are in the situation. We need to step right up and take responsibility for choosing because we will feel empowered when we do.

 The Course explains that God is with us at all times, so we need to celebrate this union with God, make it something we think about all the time, and remind ourselves that this is true. When we remind ourselves, we get more practiced at having it in our consciousness. We want to have that fact that we are united with God and be at the forefront of our minds.


 The Course explains that we create our realities, and therefore we need to take responsibility that this is true. Behind every veil I have drawn across the face of Love, its light remains undimmed. The Course says it is our responsibility to choose our thoughts and behavior in the world, so we need to take care of this within ourselves and not get upset about this. 

The Course says that we need to remember that there will be times when we draw a veil across the face of  Love, yet its light remains unchanged.

So this means we all have moments when we forget to choose God and fail to forgive the calls for Love, but the truth is that no matter how much we get vigilant, we sometimes cover it. God’s Love with shadows because simply this is what the ego does.

But the Course assures us repeatedly that this veiling of the Love of God is not permanent. God is Supreme and ultra-powerful. God’s Will and Purpose are perfect and incapable of change.

Knowing this truth is terrific news for us!! The light of God in the world remains unchanged because whatever God creates is permanent and everlasting.  

 All Love,

 Laurie Prezbindowski


 Licensed Acupuncture 


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