Lesson 103 Laurie’s Reflections

Monday, April 13, 2015

Lesson 103: “God, being Love, is also happiness.”

We are infinitely blessed because our God is giving us love which also comes in the form of happiness.  I used to think of those as separate feelings.  I used to put them each into separate categories.  Sometimes when I expressed feelings that I thought were love, I would definitely not feel happy about them.  A lot of what I thought was love were instances where I was attached to the outcome of whether the love relationship stayed in tact as I wanted it.  I would be upset if things didn’t match my view of how they should be.

My love was full of resentment when it didn’t look just so.  This then would not be a happy thing for me then because I was feeling sad and distressed and pained over my attachment.  We have to realize that when we assume our love interests need to act in certain manners, then we are just actually blocking the flow of love because we are holding the attachment in the way.  Then we can never be happy because we are stuck in the face of how the ego acts in the context of what we want to make.

This is why we are invited by Jesus to take great notice in our feelings and make a clear and gentle effort to love with an open heart.  Practice seeing that we can make love a beautiful and kind and thoughtful experience where we aren’t insisting we get whatever in return for the love we are giving.  We have to get out of the position that we are certain that we know the love should be a certain way.    We must practice the art of loving delicately, not pushing our agenda.  Stop having an agenda completely.  Instead, show up with loyalty and enthusiasm and a love so grand and perfect it is beyond words.  Just show up and live it, exude it, extend it.

I think we can often get upset when we are in some kind of relationship with someone and we definitely have not just ideas but often very serious plans about how this person should respond to us.  We can get really, really hurt we believe when this relationship doesn’t pan out in the way we believe we want.  We have to be very, very gentle with ourselves and forgive ourselves for wanting this fantasy- whatever is not happening- to come true.  We have to know that we are just going to keep hurting if we don’t release this person from the hold of our need for keeping the relationship balance in just the state we think we want.

We have to take time to love and truly love in the relationship.  When we bring our plan to make this relationship something else, it just breaks our hearts.  We have to stop the attack directed toward ourselves and make sure to have love without the limits of our attachment.


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