Lesson 102 Laurie’s Reflections

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Lesson 102: “I share God’s Will for happiness for me.”

We are celebrating that God wills us such a tremendous energy and feeling- as happiness.  This is such an extraordinary gift that God wants to be happy and nothing else.  God has no other agenda.  God has one simple wish and is ever so kind and thoughtful because God wants us to live in nothing but the best of the best, a life of pure joy.  This is so amazing; we can appreciate completely our amazing fortune that God has nothing but the most loving intentions for us.  And the fact that God’s Will most definitely gets manifested because God is the most supreme Being, we can be infinitely happy because we can live in the perfect life of immense happiness.

Getting these goods from God is beyond our happiest fantasy as it is our reality.  Then the Course reminds us in this lesson that we are beyond blessed because we include our own intention in the power of the result.  When we include our intention, profound power is the result because our combined intention is out of this world in terms of creating the dream we live in temporarily in the world.  What we can have power in as the inhabitant of this world is our own intention.  When we notice and then take time to choose wisely and carefully our intention then we add an incredible amount of strength to the outcome of what becomes manifested in the world.  The Course wants us to take to heart how important is our part in joining ours with God’s intention.  This duo of energy is profoundly effective in making our own life joyful.

When we know God so loves us that He wants nothing for us than the greatest happiness, then we can actively choose joy along the path of our days.  Then we end up with a lasting and intense joy because we increase the strength of that joy by being willing to do it with God.

This lesson says, “Pain is purposeless.”  I appreciate this way of thinking about pain.  Our egos get deeply invested in perpetuating our pain.  The ego lives for the drama.  This lesson reminds us that God is not judging our ego’s passion for insanity.  God is not slapping our wrists and making us sit in a corner.  God doesn’t say we are bad.  God just says gently, “Hey, I love you- wake up- pain isn’t necessary so release it all back to God.”  Jesus wants us to know that God’s way is our only meant path.  And God never leads us through pain, so don’t insist on making pain real.


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