Lesson 101 Laurie’s Reflections

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Lesson 101: “God’s Will for me is perfect happiness.”

If we see God as a supreme Being, He could have absolutely any agenda, any personality.  He could in essence ask us to do absolutely anything he might like and this could change on any given day depending on His mood.  It would be incredibly stressful for us if we had to monitor God’s moods and placate Him regularly with acts He might deem acceptable.   This would be a terrible way to live.

We would never be at peace, because we would always be potentially waiting for God’s ax to fall.  God could be an absolute nightmare and we would worry so much about what God would demand for us to bring out.  God would want to punish us.  A lot of people believe in that kind of God.  That’s an ego mentality when we mistakenly chalk God up to what are actually ego qualities.  Then we confuse Who God really is and we are understandably upset by such an unfortunate conclusion.

The ego makes us believe God is actually at war with us because the ego doesn’t want us to know that God is our best friend and the best parent all in one.  The ego is threatened by God because the ego doesn’t want us to choose God instead and end the ego’s existence.  What we have to see is that God is solely on our happy side and nowhere else.  God doesn’t have any hidden agenda.  God isn’t asking us to take on a miserable state from here on in.

We have to realize that God is giving us the absolute best reality we could ever hope for.  All God wants for us is perfect happiness.  There is no- ‘Yes, BUT’- like God would switch things around on us when we are looking away for a minute.  God is not playing any sort of game.  God is happy to be the perfect parent and happy to give us the Will that makes our lives the happiest reality.

God is giving us the most joyous outcome that we could ever want.  God is our most gracious benefactor.  God is giving us what is the sole purpose of creating our peace.  God gives our mind happiness just because He loves us.  God will never change because God is perfect as He is so He has no reason to change.  Therefore, we can have faith that this, His gift to us, is permanent.


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