Lesson 104 Laurie’s Reflections

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Lesson 104: “I seek what belongs to me in truth.”

We have no need to search because we have already found the gold so to speak.  There is never a moment of wondering if we will find it because as it is ours.  We have already found it.  We never have a moment of wondering what will happen because our destiny is  already mapped out.  This is God’s plan and it is always in motion.  There is never a moment it doesn’t work because God is perfect.  Therefore we can always happily play the part as recipient of this amazing gift.  Not only is it our gift the Course says because God wills it so, we also play a central role in participating in the choosing of this extraordinary life.

Jesus gives us the most logical argument in the Course.  He says that God gives us this extraordinary gift so this part of the equation is a given to stay intact.  Then when we believe  with certainty that God is always providing us with the happiest outcome of living in love, then we discover that further, we have absolutely no need to search for anything.  Because, what we need is already inside us.  Then we don’t have to go anywhere to try to make this a sensical bit of information.  We don’t even have to have any argument from our egos because the logic makes too much sense.

This lesson says, “Today we would remove all meaningless and self-made gifts which we have placed upon the holy altar where God’s gifts belong.”  The ego thinks it is clever because it can create idols out of virtually anything.  The ego can worship drugs, alcohol, food, or even relationships or sex or negative thinking or anything.  The ego makes some special relationship with this idol it worships.  This is all self-made and yet it seems so appealing to the ego, it often gets overlooked.

When we get attached to something and rely on something to provide what feels like “love” to us, this is when we are addicted to a substance.  This is all our self-made magic that in truth has no meaning.  Just know that the ego goes to great lengths to mislead us to believe that our idols will serve us some form of love.  But it always falls short because the only place from which we can receive real love is from God.

We can do this- find love from what we find in the world like those things we mentioned. However, the key is including God in that love relationship with the thing always and without fail.  When we look to that thing to provide us with love, we separate ourselves from God because we believe we want this flow of special “love” more than God. We need to allow ourselves to connect with this thing that has been a seat of addiction for us and include God’s love instead to join with that in a healthy way.  We need to keep remembering anything that is self-made needs to be redone with the love of God with our love in union.  Then miracles abound.


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