Lesson 312 Laurie’s Reflections

Sunday, November 8, 2015

Lesson 312: “What is the Last Judgment?”  “I see all things as I would have them be.”

Yesterday’s lesson was judge all things as I would have them be.  The Course wants us to understand through using the nearly same sentence that there is no difference between these two ideas.  The Course is always trying to simplify for us.  Sometimes as we are learning and integrating the Course it seems like such a huge undertaking, it is a project with seeming no end.  But Jesus wants us to know that it is rather quite simple when we understand its unified perspective.  It has few messages.  It just wants to tell us the same thing a million different ways until the message as a result sinks in.  This is one of the basic tenets of the Course.

We are asked to understand that what we see is created from our own mind and our own perception.  If we think we are seeing outside of us, that is the same if we are judging outside of us.  The perception is all entirely colored from our ego’s dark and shaded lens.  God’s lens rather, is that of light and gentleness, non-judgement and peaceful intention.  God is the perception that we want to have because God is beyond what we consider ideal.  God is the alternative to the ego. This is the one answer for which we all seek.

It is why we must come to the realization that what we see is simply a reflection of our minds.  Therefore, in this way we can take responsibility for this picture we see.  God wants us to see what our ego’s error is and correct it.  This is the way to remember that our salvation has never left us.  Our opportunity to unite with God energy is within our grasp at each moment.  All we have to do is understand that our thinking is what creates our poor judgment about the world.  What we need to do is simply be willing to stop doing this.  We are reminded that this is our purpose in this life while we are embodied.  We are given this Godly opportunity to align with our one and true Godly purpose through our bright minds choosing peace instead of the dark and weighty alternative.

We are invited to understand that any judgement is poor because when we sit in judgement we are pretending we are God and that we are qualified as only God is to decipher whether something is good or bad.  Whenever we judge in any way, this is the result.  When we try to reach into the role of God it is because of the ego’s arrogance and what the Course calls grandiosity.  When we inflate our ego this is what makes the energy of trying to usurp the role of God.  The ego does this without joining with God.  The energy is rather an intention of replacing God.  This is a phenomenally huge error when we listen to the ego’s insanity in this way.

The Course teaches us rather that it is a mistake to try to take God’s place.  This is an energy of competition with God which is rooted in our sense of separation and that is the basis of the ego’s grandiose energy.  However the Course teaches us that what we want to do instead is be in what the Course calls our sense of grandeur.  This is when we remember we are a part of God and so have as much energy of God as God Himself.  The energy in this instance is different because we join with God and thus claiming the energy comes not from usurping God but rather from the act of uniting with God.  When we feel this kind of grandeur we are appreciating God for His holiness and perfection while we also appreciate our own naturally inherent God energy.  We understand that we can be in cooperation with God because we are doing it in the intention and name of God.  This is the way to be powerful in God’s energy.  Because this grandeur and creating in God is a way to honor God.  This helps to clear up why we are in error about judging what happens in the world.  We need to realize our role in the world and honor that.


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